Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon

I am having a Moody Blues moment. :D

Moar laundry, today. I had a hamper full of darks and I wanted to wash all of my "new" clothes. My new to me stuff was nice and clean but they were stale and a bit fusty from being in storage and I wanted to freshen them up and get the wrinkles out.

I am still freaking out at how small everything looks to my eyes. I am so accustomed to huge and I do mean huge! garments. To any "normal sized" person, these clothes look huge. To me, they are pretty damned tiny. And I am having trouble adjusting my mindset and accepting the fact that this is my current size, that they do, indeed fit me and I don't have to be afraid of them. Yes, I feel like a total goofball, being afraid of my clothes. lol

It is another pretty, pretty day. Windows are open, my ceiling fan is whirring softly and the birdies are raising a ruckus out there. My eating is going very well, so far. Brekkie was my coffee and a flat egg white omelet kinda thing with a little sauteed onion. I also had some cubed cantaloupe and some left over sugar free canned pears. Yum. Water is going down well. I am halfway through my daily requirement.

Okay, I need to go get the rest of my clothes out of the dryer, put William's in. When I get done, today I am not going anywhere near that frakking washer and dryer for at lest a few days! I am sick to death of doing laundry! Blech!


  1. I know what you mean by thinking things are still not going to fit. It takes a while for your mind to catch up to your body. you are doing GREAT though! Hopefully your hump day is pleasant!

  2. Awww new tiny clothes is so fun - you deserve them so much. And IQ? I want to say thank you for your comment on my desperate post Monday. I'm not kidding - I read it about 5x and I cried every time. I'll never be able to tell you what it meant to me...and how much I needed it. Thank you...

  3. Accept it, darlin. It is the new Erika! Hard earned and well-deserved. As to the laundry...I'm with you. My least favorite chore ever.

  4. Hey Queenie!

    I loaded fire-fox and at least for the moment I can read your blog! I have explorer!

    Anyway I've been reading about the great laundry debacle, I'm having one of my own, cripes I hate folding baby clothes, it's like they never stop coming.

    Anyway, it's been awhile, good to see you.


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