Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Sunny Sunday

Hello losers. :D

It is a gorgeous day here in the 'Zona. Sunny, warm, breezy. My windchimes are playing a melody, the birdies are singing and William is trying to hook my old laptop to the TV to stream video. He isn't having much luck, tho. The monitor is shot, so it is hard to do what he needs to do, the computer won't cooperate with the TV with the cable and it just isn't going well. But he is stubborn and persists. Hey, as long as he is happy... :P

We got a project we have been talking about for quite a while done. We cleaned out the long, back storage area of my walk in closet, today. It wasn't terrible, but there was some stuff that needed to be gone through and dealt with. Some went to the trash, some is getting ready to be given away or Freecycled, a couple of things went to the storage room, for now and the rest, not much, got placed neatly against the wall. Now, my hampers and laundry basket are in the long back, leaving more room in the main part of my closet. Me happy. :D

Weight; still 290.2 this morning. Blech.

I have discovered something I like a lot. Extra sugar free gum. The Dessert Delights. Gum that tastes like yummy stuff... Who knew? The Strawberry Shortcake is good. The Mint Chocolate Chip rules. And popping a stick is a lot fewer calories than say... a bunch of popcorn.

Guess what I found while cleaning out that stuff, today? In a big old box of William's old work related study materials was the charging and USB cord for the old Sansa  MP3 player. So, it is charging, as I type this. Then, I am going to delete Patrick's old play list and upload my own. Then I can take it with me walking and I don't have to take my phone. I am always afraid that something horrifying will happen to it and since it has become an extension of me the thought if it befalling a tragedy is unbearable. lol

With the wind comes pollen. Lots and lots and lots of pollen. Oh, my poor beak! And eyes. I am seriously considering an allergy med like Allegra. It would be nice to pass allergy season in a little more comfort. Less snuffling and nose blowing would be lovely. Allergy meds are spendy, but I should make every penny back in savings not having to buy so many boxes of Kleenex. Heh. Heh.

I suppose I should be doing some laundry but it will wait until tomorrow. I am kind of enjoying being a sloth, today.


  1. I love organizing things!!! It is nice today here, but windy, gonna go for a walk in a bit.

  2. I agree 100% that you should get an Rx for a strong allergy med and live through the spring in a much happier, more comfortable state. It must be awful for you. Moreover, I can't believe that all of that allergy stuff doesn't trigger migraines. It must.

    I'd love to see you in less pain and discomfort. Your body gives you so much grief!

    Way to go on the closet. I've finally decided--your place is the cleanest, most organized condo in the entire country, bar none.

  3. Sounds like a faboosh day! I'm with you on the early meds. My ears are now stuffed for the second day in a row. Can't hear a danged least not well. Sigh...And the itchy eyes are beginning too. Somehow we've gone from 20's to 79 yesterday. Sheesh.

  4. It was breezy up here at the canyon too & Wednesday we might get rain. As long as the weather is good from the 12th-15th for my hike/camping trip I will be ok.

    I have a few boxes under my bed that I need to organize today.

  5. Knock on wood-I don't suffer from allergies. But my poor husband and baby girl do. It's so miserable :(

    That gum reminds me of Willy Wonka's Meal in a Stick :P


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