Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Last Load is In the Dryer

Finally! I also got my bathroom scrubbed, today. Patrick's room is nicely aired out and no longer gagalicious. I got a big pile of magazines looked through and tossed them and did a few other random things. I am working on a grocery list and I organized my coupon organizer. William gets his hands on my coupon organizer and all of a sudden Loreal eye makeup coupons are sharing space with coupons for rice. *rolling my eyes*

Food is really good, today. I am nearly through my full water quota, as well. *sloshes as she walks*

William did our taxes the other day and e-filed them and the payment went in the mail this evening. Man! I am so pissed about that. We don't make squat for dick money wise, but we still owe the fucking IRS. *sigh* It sucks. I hate tax time. We are actually getting a refund from the state, but we don't get to keep it. Too bad, because it would have covered what we had to pay out for Federal and we would have been ahead about a hundred and twenty dollars. Oh well. that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Damn! Oklahoma is getting hammered by some serious storms. Anyone reading this, stay safe.

Okay, this is really all I had to say, right now.


  1. If I had to pay into taxes I'd die. I take out extra just to prevent that! Sucksola!

  2. Those refunds always depend on your exemptions you claim during the year. I always do zero single and so does M and we do usually get a nice refund check. Means less money during the year, but I don't care. It is our only method of saving, alas. We're not the best with money it would seem.


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