Saturday, April 30, 2011

Caturday Night

Being gorgeous is exhausting! Marley proves it by conking out on my dressing table. These pics are clickable, if you would like to admire Marley in more detail.

It is frakking windy, again. *sigh* This is one seriously windy Spring. But later, when it is hotter than the hinges of Hades, there won't be a breath of a breeze to be had. It is nice and sunny and the temps are pleasant so it isn't all bad.

Eating? Good. I am back on track and not chowing on salty crunchy stuff. I am downing a ton of water and feeling better. Maybe a little more weight will have come off by the time I get on the scale, in the morning. I am not counting on it... I have been negligent and deserve to suffer for it. lol But hopefully, I am on a good roll and more weight will be coming off, soon. Some has to be dropping off... My undies are getting baggier. So are my pants. Why the scale numbers aren't moving in time, I have no idea. I am just keeping on keeping on. It will come off. And the scale will show when it does.

I had a yummers dinner. Tostadas made with 3 flat shells, veggie crumbles, light cheese and lots of onion, tomato and lettuce shreds, a little light cheese and plenty of taco sauce. Nom, nom, nom. I was craving Mexican and this was a delish way to satisfy it for 420 calories. I am at 1105 for the day. I can have a little snack, or not as I please. :)

Just one more day and William returns to the salt mines. Not that I am counting, or anything... :P^^ It will be nice to have my house back and get back into my usual routine. Day to day, I like my routine tho I can be spontaneous and fly by the seat of my pants.

Well, that is about all I have to yap about, right this moment. Fascinating, wasn't it? lol


  1. Actually, I was just thinking I hadn't seen a post from you and was wondering how you were today. Now I know. LOL Take care.

  2. Oh boy; that dinner sounds right up my alley. And love that desk/vanity table. Marley is simply gawjus!

  3. Marley is a beautiful cat. You have very nice vanity too. Mine is a mess right now. That would be a good project for me today, to get my vanity straightened out.


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