Thursday, April 7, 2011

Heh Heh

Food Freak, you crack me up. I tend to exaggerate a little sometimes. Shocking, I know. ;) I don't know what I am going to do with Twitter, yet. I am still feeling it out. We'll see what happens. It might be something that dies off. I have it on my phone, now too. Easy as using the app, entering my username and password and I was off and running. Ya know, you are a capable, intelligent gal and I have no doubt that, given a little patience and fooling around with it, you could easily make Twitter your bitch. And a smartphone bend to your very will, too. Trust me, if I can figure these things out, anyone can! lol

Joy, I do own an air popper. And I often make popcorn in it and spritz it with buttery spray. It is just that the bagged stuff is soooo... Well, you know. Evil. That is the word I am looking for. Evil. lol

Well, Spring has temporarily deserted us. It is windy as heck, the temps are dropping and we are expecting storms over the next couple of days, including snow on Saturday.


In April.

Not unheard of around here, but. Damn! Snow? Gak!

Do not want!

Happily, it is going to warm up very nicely next week and get back to our regularly scheduled lovely days.



Whose bright idea was that, I ask you?

Mother Nature can bite me.


Well, that was fascinating. :P 


  1. The only way I can do bagged popcorn is the 100 calorie packs; otherwise evil DOES ensue!

    Also, something you may want to consider with twitter (bwa ha - that rhymed) is Twitter Feed. It automatically posts everything you post on your blog to twitter. I am not a big twit user but people who follow me are. That will help you own twitter automatically!

    Starting At 500 Pounds

  2. I was told we're to hit 80 this weekend with storms. We've been in the 20's to 50's of late so I'm not looking forward to this heat. Nope...give me winter anytime over the heat of summer. And the humidity. Here goes my nasty hair again...

  3. Me? Intelligent? You've really lowered the bar, my friend. You're the super-brain around here. And I don't care if you're exaggerating about how organized your condo is--it's sure cleaner than anyone's I know. I have no idea how you do all that you do, especially with all the pain you have. I use work as my excuse, except that when they made me go part-time, it didn't get any cleaner. It's simple laziness on my part.

    The weather you have in your neck of the woods is impossible. I have no idea how you can stand it. In the summer, it's horrible. In the winter. . . it's horrible. In the fall and spring, it switches from horrible to horrible. Jeez! SNOW? Shit!

    Take care. Eat something high-protein for me, okay?

  4. Crazy weather here too, Erika though snow is not unheard of here in April. I just don't LIKE it a bit when snow comes this time of year, just when things are blooming. Hang in there. It surely can't last much longer.

  5. Your posts - no matter the subject - make me smile. Thank you for that.


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