Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Fun Day in the Valley of the Sun

We went to Phoenix, yesterday. It was so much fun to get the hell out of this house. Out of this podunk, one horse wannabe Western monstrosity of a town and go to a real city for a change. It was heaven to breathe smog, be in traffic, hear sounds, see everything. It was nice to walk into a drugstore and actually find a LE polish that I know there is no way in hell I will ever find up here.

It was a pretty day, yesterday. Warm, sunny and windy. Well, the wind kind of sucked, but it did keep the temps comfortable. We started out from here about ten, got stuck in traffic for a while at Skyline Drive (stupid people cleaning up a bunch of crud on the highway) then got going. Of course, William wanted to drive by the old place in Peeples Valley. It looked like shit, BTW. I had no desire to see it, but whatever. I was out of the house. We got to Wickenburg and stopped at Screamers because William was craving a hotdog. I hit the ladies, peed in the dark. The light wasn't on and there was no light switch. WTF was up with that? William and Patrick got sodas and fries, instead of hotdogs. I snagged about five fries. Oh my gosh! They were so. Good. Salty, sprinkled with a spicy pepper mixture. Those fries should be illegal.

We finally got out of Wickenburg and made it to the Valley. Drove around, I did a little drugstore trolling, then we had a late lunch at Taco Bell. The guys ate crud, I had grilled fresco style tacos. We hung out some more, drove around, listened to music and just goofed around, then had a quick dinner at Wendy's. The guys ate burgers and fries and chili. I had a baked potato and a small chili. I ended up giving half of my potato to William. All in all, I did really well, calorie wise, yesterday. The few fries I had at Screamers were my brekkie.

Bummer to be home today. I like it down there and I always feel a little sad when we have to come back to Prescott.

I am doing laundry, today. Yay! Too much fun for words. Food is on track and water is going down. I hope I see a nice number on my scale, this Saturday. I need a good one. I am feeling a bit frustrated and bummed about my weight, lately. Yes, my slow progress has been my own damned fault. But it doesn't stop me from sulking about it. :P

Okay, I have to go attend to the frakking laundry and I need to pee like a racehorse.

I don't blame you if you skipped this dreck. I had little to really say. lol


  1. Never ever will I skip you. Nope - no way. You could type in Spanish and I'd still read. Frakking laundry - ack. I shouldn't complain...Rambo does all our laundry but I still gotta put mine away. Loves you!

  2. You make me smile..all the time :) I'm a city girl and laughed at your comment about breathing smog :)


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