Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Morning, Lovebugs

First off, if you need a little break, a moment:

Click, close your eyes and sway. :D

So, how is your day going? Mine is starting pretty well. William just left for work a bit ago and Patrick is now up and getting himself together. He will soon be gone, too. And it will just be me and the hairbags. I have some housework to get done, then a couple of projects I want to do. Should keep me busy and out of trouble. Not that I get into trouble... *polishes halo*

So, yesterday ended on a very good note. I ate right, drank all of my water and walked. I need to keep up with the walking. I like how much better, more energetic I feel when I walk consistently. This morning, I feel lighter, more active and my mental state is more positive, too. Gotta like that.

Okay, I need to finish my coffee, hit the ladies' and get going on my day. I will see all you losers (you know that I mean that in only the best way, don't you? :D), later on. *muah!*


  1. I made myself a workout shirt that says, "Yeah, I'm a loser" It makes people stare, and it makes me smile. Have good day with your projects.

  2. Heh, heh! I love that. And I will probably steal it. :D

  3. Having a tough am over here. Baby is sick with a cold, the new puppy we got might have kennel cough off to the vet for us, and add to that the installation of a new basement flooring. I was up with the pup most of the night. I really need to drink water but honestly that coffee is the only way I am going to get through today. Oh did I mention that I am taking an online graduate course due at the end of May that I wanted to finish this week...I am on section 5 of 12 awesome...what was I thinking working two kids a new dog and throw in a grad class just for fun.

    Ok I am done ranting....I knew I could here!


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