Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Night

Thank you gals for your comments. :D

A few answers:

I am taking a water pill. I take Lasix. Sometimes it works just fine, others... Not as well. I have chronic edema. It started when I was a kid, it has gotten worse as I age. It is a pain in my ass and it drives me insane. The thing is, my heart is fine, there really isn't much reason for it. I guess I am just lucky. :P *gag* I tend to swell more when the weather warms up. Why, I don't know. I also swell with increased sodium intake. And I haven't been too careful about that so, I suppose I can thank myself for some of it. lol

I don't have time of the month, anymore. I had a complete hysterectomy in 1998 which pretty much shut that business down for good. My ovaries were removed so no hormonal fluctuations, either. Sadly, my bod seems to think that swelling and puffing up is something it is still obligated to do. Why, I have no frakking idea. It just is what it is. I have to just hold my course and hope for the best. Sometimes, it isn't as much of a problem. Others, like now it is a huge problem. It is something I have to live with. It throws a huge wrench in my works, from time to time. My doc doesn't seem too concerned about it so I guess it isn't something I have to be freaked about.

I have about come to terms with the fact that tomorrow is going to be ugly and I am at peace with it. I really have no choice. :P I am certainly not giving up. And I doubt that trying to "shock" my system is the right course of action, at present. Shocking it won't make the swelling go away. So, I am going to hold steady. And hope for a better outcome, next Sunday.

Today was a good food day and I even got my water down. Well... Most of it. We went out for a while, just to goof off for a bit, this afternoon so I shorted myself a little so that I didn't spend the entire time searching high and low for bathrooms.

I got my new pedometer in the mail yesterday. I need to set it then I can use it when I go walking. I am not into the whole step counting thing but I do like to know what my distance is when I walk, so I thought a pedometer might be a nice thing to have around. I bought this one from Amazon. They had a special and I got it for a good price. It gets really good reviews and is supposed to be really accurate so, we'll see. After I use it a bit, I'll do a review. :D

My Daily Calorie app is really working great for me. It is easy to keep my food journal on my phone. And I love not having to add everything up. It dies the math for me. probably a good thing, considering just how big an idiot with numbers I really am. :P

I am getting a headache. I was haloing, yesterday. Bright silver blue flashes. They were hitting me hard and fast yesterday afternoon and I figured that my head would start banging sooner or later. Guess it is sooner or later. :S

Okay, I am beginning to bore myself, now so... I will say goodnight.


  1. Gosh, Erika...I wish I could figure this out for you, but alas, I'm not a doc. The one thing I would suggest is that you get your kidney function tested. Or ask to see the results of any blood tests that included that number. That can also be a reason for water retention.

    I'm so sorry to hear about the bit of water gain. Since you know what the problem is, I know you won't let the number defeat you, my friend. Chin up and fight another day. And do try to watch that salt as you admitted might be part of the culprit. Mrs. Dash? LOL (Not making fun, laughing at the name of that product...I wonder if it works? Another thing that I've added, especially to salads when I want more salt, is lemon juice squeezed from the lemon. Seems to take away the need for salt for me...)

  2. Sherry, my kidney function is perfect.

    I just need to take a hard look at what I am doing and reevaluate and do better. Clearly I know how.

    Now I just need to do it.

    And stop whining about it...;)

  3. FYI-I used to take Lasix on occasion, and EVERY TIME I would get a migraine. So bad that I quit the Lasix altogether - not worth it.

  4. I know how it is when your body rebels against you. Thanks to my PCOS, about 2 weeks out of every month sucks BIG TIME. It can be defeating. I guess the trick is to hold as steady as you can during the down times (like with your swelling), and keep in mind that it eventually passes, and then try as hard as we can during the good weeks to do EXTREMELY well, so the weight creeps off, even if it's just a lb. or 2 at a time. Yes, it sucks, but what else can we do? Hang in there girl...and remember where you came from when you started losing. You're doing GREAT. I'm very proud of you for saying good-bye to the 300's. :)

  5. IQ, it was none of my business to ask you about your heart, etc., but you can't know how important it is to me to hear that what you have is a genetic fluke and not a serious illness. It must drive you completely nuts, but at least it's not CAD. I guess it's even more important for you to get the weight off than I originally thought. And boy, have you been successful at that, in the 100 Club, and the two's! Please be proud of yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY for your incredible achievement.

    You've had it rough, medically, for such a short life. I hope that turns around asap. You've earned physical peace, don't you think?

  6. Ugh - headaches. I spent last night in the ER with a migraine my own pain meds wouldn't touch. Feel better sweetie.


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