Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where Does the Day Go?

My goodness! Where did this day go? I seems I just got up and... It is suddenly almost evening. I got very little accomplished, today. I slept in, like a sloth. Didn't lever out until nine, this morning. Then I dragged ass, sat around for over an hour sipping coffee, had yoghurt and fruit for brekkie around, eleven-ish. Then I sat around, drinking water and watching TV. I finally went downstairs and did my nails. Goofed around some more, took a shower and then finally ate a late lunch around three-thirty. Had some grilled chicken and fruit. So, here I sit, lazy, unproductive and not giving a crap. lol

It is a gorgeous day. Warm, sunny, breeze. Perfect. :)

My frakking head hurts.

And now, my brain is empty of thoughts to write about.


  1. Sounds like a god day to me. I love a do nothing day and it seems to relax me once in a while. Enjoy your day.

  2. A day that goes by too fast means you had a good day :) Hope your Sunday is amazing too!

  3. I have to agree with Debbie and safire. It was a good day. If only you'd been able to fully enjoy it without your perfectionist voice whispering, "I should do. . . I didn't do. . . I must do. . ," and so on. Give yourself a break, woman! Do you think it's your migraine personality type that triggers some of your frustrating migraines? Holy shit, Batman!

    I'm not sure I believe in the personality stuff, but you sure fall into the traits. High intelligence; perfectionism; tendency to obsess/ruminate; depressive thoughts; etc. Sound like anyone we know? :~) lol

    I'm sorry they continue at this high a rate.


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