Friday, April 15, 2011

Hanging Tough

Hey kiddies. How'z everything? Things here aren't too bad. Another good day in the books, yesterday. I went about 200 calories over... Popcorn. *rolling my eyes* The treats are stashed away in Patrick's closet, today. Popcorn, peanuts, cheese crackers. out of my line of fire. I don't see them when I go into my kitchen and open my pantry in search of "my" foods so they don't leap into my awareness. So, I don't think about them. I don't start obsessing over them and telling myself little lies about them and I don't eat them.

Drastic? Yup. Necessary, at present? Yup. I am working hard to get solidly back on track, stay there and get this job done. And if I have to resort to a little trickery, I will do it. Once I have things solidly in hand, again I can see about loosening up a little. At this time, I am not putting myself at risk. And if the male ones don't like it, they can bite my big, fat, dimpled white ass.

I had a yummy brekkie of coffee, scrambled egg whites softened with a little fat free 1/2 and 1/2, a little mustard for colour and flavour (a trick I learned from Tammy :D), some salt and pepper and Tabasco. I sauteed a little finely diced onion and scrambled the egg white mixture, added a finely chopped portion of Weight Watchers string cheese and plopped it on a plate with a little heap of salsa on top. I also had some fresh cantaloupe. I am in heaven with the lovely cantaloupe coming out, this season.

Have you tried Weight Watchers string cheese? it is a low fat, low moisture mozzarella with some smokey flavour. It comes in a bag of twelve (if I remember correctly) individually wrapped portions. Each portion is fifty calories. This cheese isn't bad, for low cal, low fat. It is mild, with a somewhat aggressive smoke flavour. The texture is a tad rubbery, as mozzarella and low fat cheeses can be but it isn't nasty. It chops easily and melts nicely. It does clump, like mozzarella does. I find that stirring as I cook it into my recipe helps that. Overall, I like it and I will definitely buy it, again.

Okay, so... I have stuff to do. I have spent the entire morning being a sloth so I need to get cracking.

Did you know that Firefox spell check doesn't work on the title line?  Weird, huh?


  1. Breakfast sounds good, Erika. I think I will make eggs for brekkie tomorrow.

  2. You totally should. :D I might do them tomorrow, too. I like how the protein makes me feel full and happy, longer. :D


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