Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Night

Well... Today was a pretty damned good day. I stayed on track, drank all of my water and busted out a two mile walk. I went at a 15 minute mile pace and burned (according to the online calculator I use) 300 calories. Not too shabby. I was ready to go longer but William was tired from having spent the day walking all over the place auditing. When we got to the trail up to the Jeep, I indicated with a wave that I wanted to go on. He was stopped dead on the trail and wanted to stop. I popped one of my earbuds out and told him to just go on to the store and pick up water then come back and pick me up. He then, looking like the martyr he is, said that he could go a little farther.

Ha! As if. No fucking way was I getting sucked into that pile of bullshit. We left, water was picked up, we got home and I went right into my rooms and took my shower.

I thought about having a bath, instead. I did a dry run. To see if I could get down into the tub. Not quite. I mean, I was almost low enough to go ahead and sit right down in the tub but I was really afraid I wouldn't be able to get myself back up. So, a shower it was. One day, I will finally be able to actually sit all the way, then get back up. I got a little closer, today.

How fucked up is it that I am afraid to try to sit down in my own bathtub?

Remember I talked about loading my music library onto an MP3 player I had found in my basket? Well, I tried. And the poor thing is fried. It didn't work. It kept locking up and freaking out. I guess it just got bounced around too much. While we were cleaning out stuff last weekend, I tossed it. I am back to using my phone for music while I walk. I was trying to listen to Pandora. What a catastrophe that was. The damned app kept losing the channel, going dead and loading for forever between songs, force closing... What a royal pain in the ass! So, I decided to try Slacker, instead. So far, so good.

The thing I liked about Pandora was the fact that they don't run audible ads. Just ads on my screen. Slacker does do audible ads, tho not too many, at once. (I am using the free version, of course :P) And, if I am careful about hoarding my skips, I can skip a lot of that junk. The music is good, too. I listen to current hits and there is a lot of hard hitting, fast paced stuff. Stuff I don't normally listen to (Eminem. Pitbull.) but have found that I really enjoy while exercising. If Slacker continues to please me, I will just uninstall Pandora. I don't need the frustration.

I heard a Justin Beiber song, for the first time. I didn't know it was he... I thought it was a girl. When the song was over, a DJ type person came on and told us that was JB's new single. Oookay. It wasn't horrid. But I don't get the Beiber fever thing. His voice is immature, feminine, unschooled and, sorry to say it but, honestly? It is not very good. The lyrics are not bad but nothing worth getting all excited about. Pretty much boiler plate written by someone else for mass consumption stuff. All I can figure is that the mass appeal he holds must be based almost solely on his image. Which, as a 46 year old woman doesn't do all that much for me. I guess you have to be a tweeniebopper to get it. And to appreciate his "talent". I can happily go on with my life now, secure in the knowledge that having never heard a JB song, I was not missing much. lol

Before we went out to the lake, I took Sabryna out for a little walk. She can't walk too far, anymore but she still loves, loves, loves to go out for a walk. We went up the easement road to Ridge road. Rather than turning around, I indulged her desire to go on for a bit. We walked to the corner of Ridge and Buckhorn. All a steady, gradual uphill. A pleasant little stroll that didn't even raise my heart rate or make my breathing change. It wasn't until we were almost to the stop sign and ready to turn back for home that I realized that a little over a year ago, that little walk half killed me. By the time I would get to the stop sign, I would be breathing hard, gasping for my very breath, heart pounding so loud in my ears, not another sound could be heard. Now, it is as easy as walking down my own hallway in my home.

I guess I am making some good changes. lol

Okay. I have to pee and I am ready to hit the sack. I'll be back to bore you all into the floor again, tomorrow.

Have a good night, everyone.


  1. I feel the exact exact exact same way about JB.

    lol @ "I can happily go on with my life now, secure in the knowledge that having never heard a JB song, I was not missing much."

  2. I too couldn't figure the Beiber Fever thing. I personally didn't think much of one of his songs I caught on the internet. Ah well...I guess it is because I'm old (notice I didn't say "we?!" LOL) You are making such awesome strides and I really am so proud of you! You keep up that good work, my friend.

  3. I'm not a Beiber fan either. I totally don't get the appeal.


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