Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My head is back down to a calm Cat 1. Relief. :) Hopefully it will stay quiet for a bit. I could use a breather. lol

Thank you all for your hugs and love. You all help me to feel better. *hugs*

I am having a really great day, food and water wise. I did decent, yesterday. Not stellar but better. I really am trying very hard to turn this slump around. Yo-yoing in the same area, losing only ten pounds since January is hardly impressive. And it makes me feel pretty crappy. I really want to see how close I can get to the one hundreds by the end of this year and I am not going to get there with shenanigans. I need to do the work, not just pay it lip service. Oh yeah. I have become good at that bullshit, lately. Allowing a slip because I have done so well and one won't matter. Until I do it again, the next frakking day.

That is the kind of fucked up thinking that has sent me into a total spiral and gain it all back plus more more times than I can count. And I have no interest in doing that, again. So, I am taking myself to task and not allowing anymore crap thinking and slipping. "Just this once." Just this once, my big, dimpled, white ass.

Anywhoozle, today is pretty fab. I am sitting at 1228 calories. And almost five quarts of water down. Now to start a streak. :D

It got up to almost seventy, today. It is still going to be in the thirties at night... Yuk. But at least it is warming up a bit, again.

I was so pissed at William last night that I almost chopped my hair off. I got out my scissors to cut out coupons and I had them in my hand and had this insane urge to just weed whack my hair. I am sooooo glad I didn't give in to that urge! I hate my hair short (I am not saying I hate short hair, you close cropped beauties, out there. I just hate it on me. :)) and would have been kicking myself from here to Pluto if I had cut it. Almost every time I have chopped my hair off it has been an emotional reaction to something that has really upset me. Usually thanks to my husband.

Man just isn't good for a serious dyed in the wool longhair like me. :P

Once stupid face gets his shit together, I need to get into a salon and get it coloured. I am so. sick of looking at it like this. Blech! Dirty dishwater just doesn't inspire me. I don't even want to style it, right now. I just wash and condition it, twist it up in a big jaw claw and ignore it. That is how meh I am about it, right now.

Oh! Speaking of hair... I was asked if I would like to hold a giveaway sponsored by a hair styling tools company over on my other blog. If you would like to enter to maybe win a new hair straightener, here is my giveaway post. I am not into using a straightener, myself (I can get about the same look with a blowout, so I don't really need one) but I know that a lot of gals really like them. This is supposed to be a good one. It retails for $129.00 and has tourmaline ceramic plates that are supposed to get your hair really smooth and shiny. So, please come on over and enter, if you like. :)

Well... I can't really think of a lot more to talk about, at the moment. I hope that everyone has a great night. <3


  1. hey chick. I don't know much about your husband...but have you tried the straightforward approach. I used to think subtlety worked...with Tim, it didn't.
    I finally realized I had to say things like "don't talk to me in that tone, I find it offensive and then I won't have sex with you."
    Stop being passive aggressive and tell me what has crawled up your @ss and died.

    These and others worked...
    I want a birthday present. When you don't get me one it makes me angry.
    feel better!

  2. Great job having another on plan day! Glad you didn't take out your emotions on your hair!!! Pulling a Britney is never the answer!

    I need to get my hair re-highlighted in the next 1-2 weeks before my trip to NYC. I had it trimmed last week because it was looking so raggedy.

    Have a wonderful day and don't let your husband upset you!! I'm glad the weather is warming up for you!

  3. Hang in there with the weight loss. I have been working on the same five pounds since Janurary and think I am finally getting a move on with the downward scale spiral! It will happen sometimes I think we just need a mental break from the dieting and then we can get back on a track with a fresh mind

  4. Hmmm...I could use the help with my hair. Don't cut, you will indeed regret it. As I woefully know. Sigh. Still...I must admit that the frizz factor is just ridiculous and I hate it like that too. Unfortunately I forget that the frizz can at least be put up in a bun when it is long. It is just Ronald McDonald head otherwise. Glad to hear your spirit is kicking ass and taking names again. I know you'll reach those goals.

  5. I so want to win the straightener....and you my dear could never look blah - you are too beautiful for that...colored or not colored, short or long hair.


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