Sunday, April 10, 2011

On Top of My Cold

I got slammed with a migraine, today. I was completing a post on my other blog when the right side of my head imploded. Gah! I am now having waves. It gets really bad and I can't even think, then cycles back a little and I can breathe and then blammo! I am obviously in a calm period, since I can actually type, right now. lol I am hoping that a good nights sleep will help.

It snowed, last night. Just a little. We woke to clear skies, wind and stupid cold temps. It didn't warm up much, but it was warm enough for the snow to go bye-bye. Huge banks of puffers came sailing in, then cleared again as the sun went down. Now, we are expecting warmer and warmer temps, from here on out. Hopefully, this was our last slice of Winter. I am sick of that pie. I want Spring, for real. :)

Thank heaven tomorrow is Monday. I had both guys. Both guys in this house all weekend. All frakking weekend long. They both go back to work, tomorrow. I am so ready to have my house back. I have some laundry to do and some cleaning to catch up on and I need to measure my stride and calibrate my pedometer. And, I might sit down with Knitting Help videos and work on knitting in the round on two circular needles. I will conquer that skill! I will. I just need to dedicate myself to learning the procedure and practicing. Once I get it down, I can get to using all that lovely sock yarn I bought. I have enough for several pairs of socks. :D

My beak is stuffy and runs nonstop. I am burning through Kleenex at an alarming rate and my poor nose and the skin between my nose and upper lip are rubbed raw. I have it all slathered with Carmex. It helps.

Okay, my head is beginning to implode, again so I am going to go before I start typing in Martain. Have a great night, all. I'll see you all tomorrow.


  1. I sure hope you feel better! Migraines are the worst.

    Have a good week!

  2. I hope you feel better. Being sick is the WORSE!

  3. As a fellow migraine sufferer, my heart goes out to you. Hope you wake with it gone today.

  4. As one of your buddies-in-migraine, I wish only for you to get better. It's just such insult to injury! How could the fates allow it to happen? Some should get his butt royally kicked for this. A serious cold plus a migraine? And you're finally alone today and could get some work done, or be lazy and take care of yourself for a change.

    I hope you're better soon, my friend.

  5. Oh honey - I so wish you could get help for your migraines. Do you know what your trigger is?

  6. Spring brings about all the yucky sinus things! Feel better!


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