Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two More Loads

*sigh* Two more loads of laundry, today. Then I am done, for a few days.

William's vacation continues. He is around and underfoot and coming dangerously close to losing his life. The unrelenting channel surfing, the Westerns, the old game shows. He has amused himself going through all of the papers and shredding stuff that needed to go, he cleaned windows, cleaned the cars, he cleans the house for me, every morning. He is in need of stuff to do. He is in need of going back to work.

I ate like an idiot, yesterday. I did well until evening. Then the stupid, mindless snacking began. I wanted to shoot myself, when I was done. I still do stupid stuff. But I did drink all of my water, like a good girl so that is something... :P

When are the tornadoes going to be done with the poor people in the South? I see the coverage on TV and it is just devastating. I hope that all of my fellow bloggers are safe and sound. And I hope that these storms end, soon and no one else is hurt or killed. Those of you in the path of these storms, batten down the hatches, obey the warnings and stay safe!

It is nice and sunny, here and the wind is fairly quiet, right now. Hopefully it will warm up, a bit. It was cool, yesterday and cold, last night. Our nighttime lows are still hitting the thirties, some nights.

Okay, time to go toss stuff in my dryer and hit the loo. (Water, you know...)


  1. I have several more loads to do today. I'm dreading it right and just sitting here looking at it. Maybe it will do itself.

  2. I do think it's great that you keep drinking your water. Sometimes it's that one thing that can act as a through line and help you find your way back in other areas. I've had a bad habit of stopping every healthy thing when I've gone "off". I don't know why. It's like I don't want to waste vegetables by eating them on top of crap. I'm not saying I'm always smart...
    Keep plugging away!

  3. Great job on water consumption. I love the line...that he is close to losing his life. Men bring that out in us. Well at least he is entertaining himself by cleaning. Nothing like a clean house.

  4. I had to do two loads between today and yesterday. Pre-travel organization is stressful!

    I hope people stay safe too! I had to send a few texts just to make sure.

  5. I'm so glad to see that you haven't yet killed off old Willy Dog. I think it is so cool that he is doing alot around the house too. Now, if you could just quit doing laundry for a week!! Glad you've been able to get out for a day or so here and there this week.

  6. Oklahoma is supposed to be tornado alley but we are in the middle of a drought. Big fire south of us. They evacuated a small town. I wish we could get even a little of the rain that they are getting east of us.

  7. My laundry never ends. I have done about 3 loads today and have 2 more to do. I was off today and feared my husband would call in, but he made it to work.I get one day a week for ME and I love it. We got tornadoes but luckily nothing was damaged.


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