Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good Morning Everyone

The sun is shining, the birdies are singing, the breeze is up and I am slurping my customary high-test. I got on my scale this morning and am down another pound, so that is two, this week. Hardly stellar, but at least I am headed back in the right direction. (Week before last was a wash.) Current weight is 284, even. Now to gather momentum and finish grinding out this hundred... Hopefully by the end of this year. :D

William and Patrick and the furry ones are all still snoozing and I am goofing around on my puter and have The Weather Channel on in the background. I saw the saddest story on that channel, yesterday. A man in Tuscaloosa, Alabama lost his home in a nasty tornado and was looking through the rubble to see if he could salvage anything. One thing he got out was a case containing the flag that draped his father's casket at that man's funeral. Nothing of any intrinsic value but precious to him, obviously. He set it outside the pile of rubble and someone passing by walked off with it. Who the fuck does that? How can anyone do something so low? How can someone deliberately inflict that kind of pain on a fellow human being?

Look, I understand that people can feel desperate in crisis situations. People are in shock and they do things that perhaps they wouldn't ordinarily do. If someone is hungry or thirsty, I can see forgiving taking food or water. But to take a flag in a case? What possible use could that be to someone else? Sometimes people are just monsters with no conscious.

Ack! I am out of coffee! BRB.

Ahhh... That's better. Mama has her second cup of go juice. I am so hooked on caffeine. lol

I am slurping my water as well as coffee and trying to decide what to put in my growling tummy. Oatmeal? Eggs? I am leaning toward eggs. I have some mushrooms... :D

Okay, my posting mojo just up and died on me and my teeny tiny little brain is empty of thought so I am going to toddle along. Now is a good time to read all of your new posts.

Oh! If you follow me/have my blog on your blogroll and I haven't found my way over to you to do the same, please leave me your blog URL in a comment on this post and I will come over, follow and add you. I know that I have new followers but getting to blogs through clicking the little icons in my followers gadget is so hit and miss that I have all but given up on that method. So please, blog link spam me, here. :D

Okay, I am outie. Later. :)


  1. That is just horrible, Erika. I can't believe that someone would be low enough to take the flag from someone's memorial like that. It is just rotten that when things are so bad already someone has to come along and make it worse.

    I understand about then blogging issue. I have sort of run out of things to say this weekend and my blog post have been of little substance the last few days. Hopefully, I will think of something useful to day today over there. :

    I always enjoy your posts though so don't think you are boring me at all. I'm going to start reading your mail blog too. I am loving my new nails and need to learn all I can about them. Hugs.

  2. Don't know when it changed but love the new cherry borders. I am having a fun morning of stalking blogs and waiting for my results to see if I made the next prior fat girl mom edition. I am thinking its a no because I would have already heard already but... Hope you enjoy whats left of your weekend

  3. That story sucks. Ugh. 284??? OMG - you're so freaking close to the 270s IQ!!!!! I am soooooo proud of you. Onward and upward (I mean downward LOL) right? I love you!

  4. some people suck. That is all. I wish karma would give these people the kind of boomarang @ss kicking they so richly deserve.
    till then, the nearest redneck fit for service should suffice if they find the guy.

  5. HI!:) I think mine is if that helps any.LOL


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