Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Wow! My hip yesterday? Ow! Serious ow! It was okay to stand on but every time I swung my leg to take a step it was bad. Walking around my house was not really walking. I was tottering. I could have used a walking stick. lol Getting up and down my stairs? Ha! Have an hour to spare? lol I took a couple of Advil PM last night when I went to bed and had a solid night's sleep and I am feeling much better, this morning. I am getting around a lot easier and I don't have the pain I did, yesterday. I am resting my hips today and if I feel okay enough, I will hit the road, tomorrow. I want to go today but I know better.

Calories yesterday were 1130. I am surprised the number was that low. I honestly thought I took in more than that. Not that I am complaining. I was at 1230 the day before yesterday. I am beginning to suspect that I am getting back into the groove where I belong. It feels good to be getting my bod on track and my mind back into focus. I don't deny that I have spent the last five months seriously screwing up. I have only lost about... Fifteen pounds or so since the first of the year. Not impressive. Not where I want to be, by any means. I have been in a self induced stall for weeks and weeks, hanging steady at the same weight. Not moving down. Not moving up, either.

Maybe I am learning that I can maintain a weight? Ha! Way to find the silver lining? :P

I am sorry if you are sick of my babbling about this shit over and over, lately. I know I am. But I need this space in which to hash this shit out. I can't talk about it to anyone in real life. William can only take so much and frankly, he has no useful input for me. So I just babble on and on and on here. It is either that or have long, rambling conversations with myself. And that kind of behaviour tends to make people look at me funny so... Blog nattering it is. I feel safe here, I know that I will get some tough love but I won't get mocked, denigrated or made to feel as if I am not worthy and I know that you support me as much as I support you and that makes all the difference for me.

Food is going down well today. I had my usual coffee and oatmeal and my water is following. *slosh*

Oh, a note about my pedometer. It is not perfectly accurate. It gives a good solid ballpark on distance but as it measures distance by stride length, the readings can vary. For example, on my walk yesterday the distance out on my pedometer was 2.4 miles. I slogged it uphill most of that distance, so naturally, my pace was a little slower (tho I pushed to move as fast as I could) and my stride length was shortened. On the way back, the reading was only 1.9-ish. It is almost all downhill so my pace was a lot faster and my stride length was much longer.

I had William drive the route I walked in his truck and clock it with his trip odometer and the distance is exactly 2.3 miles from the point where our frontage road joins Willow Creek road to the intersection of Willow Creek and Gail Gardener Road. I like my pedometer for counting the steps I walk and it is wonderfully motivating. And, it is close enough that I get a good solid idea of how far I go. So, it is a useful little tool that I will continue to use. I am looking forward to using it to clock the lake trails.

We are having some freakishly cool, windy, partly cloudy weather. It is supposed to be in the sixties, even fifties for the week. Lots of wind and even thunderstorms. Goofy. It is usually much warmer, clear and sunny, this time of year. I'll take the cool and enjoy it while it lasts because I know that Summer will come blasting in on us soon enough. And I will be bitching my head off the whole while. Bet you can't wait. ^^

Okay I suppose I should get off my ass and get to a few things around here. I need to do some housework and I have a comparison request to photograph and post over on my Nail Parlour and I have to pee like a racehorse so... I'll return later to read everyone's updates and I will see you all later.

Hugs for everyone who wants or needs one. :D


  1. I hope your hips are better tomorrow, Erika. I've been admiring your manicure site. I love the polishes you are using but I just don't have a knack for doing my own nails. I have to go to a salon to do it. I always make a mess of them when I try it myself. I don't have a steady hand, I guess.

    Have fun around the house today. I'm just chilling at home too.:)

  2. Babble away, you are entertaining. I'm with you on the bitching my way through summer, it's gonna be a toasty one.

  3. I'm with Ninja, babble away! I love reading blogs, no matter what the person writes about, whether it's really deep thoughts on life or just random lists of the person's food, lol. Plus, I do think it's good therapy to get your thoughts out on paper, which is why I like blogging and the idea of it so much. Ooh, and I'll take a hug...just because :)

  4. I'm sorry I'm late on this, but you're not "nattering" away, nor boring. You've been having having a rough time of it lately and that's what we're we're here for. It's none of my business, but why did you quit the Challenge 6? Did you think you didn't want to do it? You CAN do it. I know that you can! Is it depression?

    You've come a long way from where you started. I'm so very proud of you. I know there must be be many reasons, not just one. I haven't read back in your blog, so I don't know. I will.

    Keep up the hard work. Fifteen pounds is nothing to sneeze at! Don't put yourself down, and pat yourself on the back. I'm happy for the strong work you've done. With your hips the way they are, I doubt I could have lost five ounces.

    You're a tough cookie Ice.


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