Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Better, Today

In more ways than just food. I ate well. Calories are at 1290. Water is at just shy of six quarts down. By the time I finish slurping this tumbler, I will be there. Then any more I drink, and I will, will be gravy. I am trying to flush sodium over load (don't ask) and a few days of bad salty choices. Blargh! I am puffy as a poisoned animal. Isn't that a nice visual? :P

It was still cooler than it was supposed to be today and may I just ask, what the fuck is with this wind?!?! Forty MPH gusts, day after day. I am so over it. It will help dry the trails, tho. My new pedometer is now calibrated and set. Once I get through this headbanging cycle and the trails are dry, I am headed back out to the lake. I need exercise. Bad. I also need to get out of this house before I torch it.

William is nomming on a Hershey bar and Sabryna is lying by him, watching him eat it and barking at him to get some. Sometimes, I rue the day I taught that dog to speak. lol

Autumn Leaves, if you didn't see it, yet, check the entry below this one. :D

My head is banging. Bad. The Cubs are winning against the Cardinals. Go Cubs, go! I am craving an In-N-Out burger.

And, that's all I have for now.


  1. Hi there! I found you through Drazil and I will be catching up on your blog. I can already tell I will enjoy your writing style!

  2. Thanks for sharing the painting, darlin'. It is faboosh! Good to hear you are on track. Are you noticing the positive effects of all that water on your skin! I need to get back to it!

  3. Lost all the comments, I see! Your son's work is beautiful, Erika! I am saddened that he no longer paints. But that said, usually when one has that bent (and talent like he does!), they usually at some point go back to it. I hope Patrick does because that wintery wonderland is phenomenal!

    Glad to know that you are on track and still doing well with the water. Have you noticed the positive effects on your skin yet? I really need to go back to water and get off the diet Coke again. Sigh...

  4. I have a real problem drinking enough water! I love checking in on your blog, it make me laugh and smile :) keep up the good work!

  5. I haven't been reading blogs for a long time, and am just making a mish-mash of this response. The first, and most important part, is your mother's breast cancer. The fear, unknown reasons why it happened, how it will turn out, have you inherited an oncogene, and everything else cause terrible stress for you. This is one of the most profound things to happen to you.

    My sister's breast cancer was discovered when she was 34, and it was Stage I. My MIL's was quite large--much larger than my sis's (Stage III)--when
    it was discovered. I could see from across the kitchen table that her breast was pulled to the side. My aunt's was found when she was 36 years old. None of them died of breast cancer. My sis and aunt are still alive. MIL did die of cancer, but lymphoma, not breast cancer, over 20 years later. I hope these anecdotal tales will be of some comfort to you.

    They all had mainstream treatment, however, which your mother seems to refuse. You can't effectively make her use allopathic medicine, but I deeply hope she changes her mind.


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