Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hungry Like the Wolf

Heh. Heh.

I am hongry! Dinner is in the oven, it is starting to smell scrumptious. Frakking Rapture didn't happen so I have to cook. Pffft! I am baking boneless skinless chicken breasts and cooking rice in chicken broth. There is a nice big fresh salad and fresh corn on the cob. Nom, nom, nom.

We went out to the lake, today and did Kick Ass Trail. Three miles (actually just a teensy bit over, but I suck green donkey dicks at fractions, so I round it down :P) clocked on my pedometer. Yeah! I was right all along. :D Anywhoozle, I did that walk in less than an hour. I powered up the hardest inclines. Inclines that used to have me stopping over and over, panting so that I thought my lungs would burst, my legs screaming for me to stop. Not now. Now I don't stop. Yes, I huff and I puff and blow your house down, but I power walk up those hills. No stopping, no whining. 

Kick Ass Trail is my bitch. :D

I am eating an orange and sipping a glass of almond milk. I think my blood sugar dropped while I was walking. I got a little light headed and weird on the trail and when I was in the shower, my heart started beating kind of fast, I felt faint and tingly in my lips and gums and I was hyperventilating. I have felt like that before. I am thinking blood sugar? Blood pressure? I should probably have a confab with my doc about it when I see her in August. It isn't critical, or anything. It doesn't happen often. But I should probably find out what it is and why it happens. 

I think I am finally getting back into my walk groove. It feels good. I am beginning to need a walk, again. And I feel compelled to get out there and do it. 'Bout damned time. I have been a sloth for far too long. Now, I need to keep it up, stay on track and power some more of this frakking fat off my bod. I still want to be under 250 by August First. Dunno if I am going to make it but I am sure as hell going to give it a shot. 
Damn! That orange tastes good. Oranges have been super good, this year. And the season is longer, too. Usually, by this time oranges are long over. Or they are really not all that nice. 

I am feeling better, now. I think my orange and almond milk was just the little boost I needed. I am going to sit here and read some blogs and let my hair dry and then have some din-din. I'll talk to all of you, soon.


  1. You are so funny. You have a dry sense of humor that is great. Walking up and down hills is a killer isn't it? Hope you enjoyed your supper. Be careful of that blood sugar and blood pressure. Carrying the extra weight and walking like that requires quite a bit of exertion - congrats on getting it done.

  2. You kicking ass on the walking - I'm so super proud of you. Take a granola bar or something with you in case that happens again...and see if it helps right away...

  3. So glad you got out there! Me? I doubt I'll ever get back in the exercise groove. I hate that I just don't care anymore. I hate that that hatred isn't a motivator for me either. Blah. I. Just. Don't. Care. But I am so darned proud of you and all you are accomplishing and I am in your corner, my friend. By the bye, still haven't heard from the Karmin people (is that who it was?)...

  4. Great job on the walks; you are def. inspiring me to walk again. I've been so horrible about it lately! Keep it up! I'm sure you will get down to 250 by August; I have faith in you! :)

  5. Yay you on the walk!! I know what you mean about the exercise being a good thing. I'm getting to that point myself.

  6. That happens to me sometimes too. I thought it was blood sugar too but according to my doctor he says I am working harder then my blood can pump, that is why I feel like crap after a workout. It doesn't always happen, about 3 times a month so I had to change my workout around. Some cardio (30-45 mins) then weights, then cardio (about 15 mins) then the rest of my ab stuff and finally just about 5 minutes of cardio. It has helped and now maybe once a month it'll happen but I also found out I need eat something 30-40 minutes before my work out to help combat that too. I don't know for sure but as long as I don't feel like crap when done working out I will do darn near anything.
    You are doing so excellent. You keep it up.
    Take care and have a blessed Sunday.

  7. Good for you on the walking, Erika. I wish I had your motivation. I've got to get myself in gear soon before I lose all my muscle mass completely. I have no excuse whatsoever not to do SOMETHING. Dinner sounds good. I love chicken. Have a great evening.


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