Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Operation Surround Sound Was a Bust

I got everything ready to go, got out my bag of tricks (a.k.a. my tool kit and little hardware stuff) and realised that I don't have enough wall anchors for the speakers. Drat. Since I am broke, right this moment, a trip to the hardware store didn't happen. *sigh* I can get some Thursday. Then I can get to it. Good thing is, William now understands my point of view, is over being freaked out about installing wall anchors (he doesn't want to cause damage. Duh! A little spackle and the are gone.) and understands that I am determined to get it set up and will help me.

Which is good, since he actually knows how to hook all of that shit up and doesn't have to spend the entire day trying to figure out what goes where.

I want to say think you all for your supportive comments and hugs and good thoughts for my mother. *hugs to all of you*

It was chilly, dark and cloudy and actually rained, today. It snowed in some parts of town. Blech! Supposed to be in the thirties, tonight. But it is supposed to warm up steadily, from here on out. Please, yes! I am so over being cold.

Don't worry. Soon I will be bitching about how hot it is. Yes. It is true. I am never happy about the weather. Or rarely, anyway. That is just how I roll. And love it or leave it. :D

I am yawning like a busted jawed freak so I think I will toddle off to bed, now.

Good night, everyone.

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  1. How do I always miss something?? At any rate, I know the broke thing intimately. Glad you got William on board with your sound plans too. And we went from 30's to low 50's last week to mid 90's yesterday and hot and humid. Alas, that is lingering into this a.m. I hate summer. And apparently we are missing spring.


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