Friday, May 6, 2011


Happy Friday night. Tomorrow is Saturday. The weekend has begun. I hope that you all have a terrific one. :)

Draz has a bit of a different BYOC for us, this week. I had to take a picture for this one...

1. Whether you’re a current exerciser or a wanna be worker-outer…what is your ultimate fitness goal? (i.e. – 50 pushups, 200 situps, run 5 miles, workout 7 days in a row, etc.)

To live an active, busy life without having to really think about it, like I used to. And to be able to ride, again. Assuming, of course, I have access to a horse... lol

 2. Picture get to know you question: Take a picture of the purse you are currently using!

  My Dooney and Bourke Donogal Crest Satchel. Love this bag. I have had it for five years and have carried it a lot. It holds the world and always looks nice. I love good handbags. It isn't really about the "status" thing for me. I just appreciate quality and am drawn to lovely (and expensive) things. 

3. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blog world.

In real life, it has been the same ol. I keep my house, do my thing. I lost two pounds, last week. My dog was sicker than a dog one day. In blog world... Geeze, I suck at this part! lolol

So, there you have my BYOC. 

We sat out on the deck for a while tonight. It was lovely to just sit there, watch cars go by, look at the crescent moon and the stars and chat. It was lovely and cool but the breeze was a little chilly so we didn't stay out for too long. Sabryna was out there with us. She was all sprawled out, snoozing. It was perfect dog nap weather. Marley sat in the open window, separated from us only by the screen, so he could hang out, too. 

I don't know what we are going to do, this weekend. Hopefully get out of this frakking house, for a bit. I am feeling a bit stir-crazy. 

Okay, that is about all I can think of to yap about, right now. I think I am going to get me a little watermelon, drink some more water then hit the sack.  


  1. I have a walmart because it's easy. lol. I love your purse. I like dooney bags...the beat the heck out of coach bags...which I think are really tacky with big C's all over them. anywhoozle. Have a great weekend.

  2. I find too that when I see something that I love, it tends to be the most expensive. I usually see and love first, look at price tags and without fail, it is always the most expensive in the store. At least I know I have good taste. I also love good handbags but I don't have a single really good one that I love.

    What does BYOC mean? I love BYOC Fridays as I get to know more and more of you.

    Patrick looks like he is a good artist! Does he still paint? Can you show the whole painting there? I'd love to see it (as you might imagine)!

  3. Thanks for sharing this! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Sometimes the best weekends are the ones with NO plans!

  4. Oh I LOVE the purse - love it. I knew it would be classy - just like you!

  5. I rarely see a Dooney bag I really like... but I LOVE yours!


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