Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blow, the Wind Gods

Memorial Day weekend. Feels like just another weekend, to be honest. We don't have any plans, we won't be having company, going anywhere or cooking out. I think I am learning to not expect to celebrate holidays.  I am not even all that disappointed, anymore. 


Besides, it is too windy to grill. Is Mother Nature fucking kidding us with this wind? Gah! It just blows and blows and blows. 

And it is a ton of fun to walk in. Okay, walking against the wind does make me work harder, burns more calories. The wind does help to keep me cooler and more comfortable. And it keeps the gnats from rising. So I guess it isn't all bad. 

But dang it! I can't use my grill. And I waaaant to use my grill. 

*stamps foot and pouts*

We walked about two and a half miles, last night. We would have gone further but it was getting dark and to be stuck out on those trails after dark would suck and it would be very difficult to get back to the car. So, a little shorter go. But I still burned in the neighbourhood of 500 calories. I'll take it. :)

Eating is good. I am keeping things where they need to be and I am not making the excuse that I walked and can eat my extra calories. That is fucked up and gets me into trouble. So no more of that bullshit. Calories burned are gravy. Not extra food for my mouth. 

My stupid smartphone went kind of tits up on me. Recently, it has been losing (how, I have no idea!) internal storage capacity. It kept telling me that storage space was low. It did this over and over and over. And every time, I would uninstall apps. And pretty soon I was down to only three that I installed. This morning, I couldn't even look at my e-mails because the storage was totally full. Aaarrrgh! So, in it went to Verizon. The consultant said that other phones like mine have had the same problem. A hard restart got it back to where it should be. She told me that if this happens again to bring it back in and she will get me a new phone. It had better not! The next time I redo a phone it had better be a 4gLTE phone. There are some good ones coming out later this year. I was reading about them and drooling, earlier. :d

Now I am busy re synching my e-mails accounts, my Facebook, Twitter, installing my apps, again. *sigh* Oh well. It will keep me occupied for a while. :S

Stupid smartphone.

I need to remember to run in and grab a bottle of Aleve when we are on the way back from the lake. My knees are toast. 
Okay, time to go toss a load of laundry in my washer. Yay. Fun. Just how I love to spend my weekend. Scrubbing my bathroom, dusting, vacuuming and doing laundry. :P

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  1. NOthing here either - Rambo works all weekend and I'm bored already...I kind of wish I was back at work already...and that makes me sad.


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