Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blowing the Dust Off My Blog...

Been a few days, hasn't it? No particular reason, really. I am just in a not so chatty mood and feel exceedingly boring. Life is trudging along here. I am working hard at getting my ass back on track in a solid way. Some days are diamonds, some days are shit. I am not gaining, but I am eating maintenance calories some days. *still* Gah. Today is going really well. Tomorrow should go as well and I can build from there. :)

Four loads of laundry, today. So. Much. Fun. 


Oh! If only it were that easy! lol
So, there is the gist of it for right now. Life is okay. I am still working, still in struggle mode but working hard to get out of it and the wind is blowing too much, making me feel a little psycho and I spent too much time looking at LOL Cats, as you can see. 

And, that is all I have, right now.

Obviously, the above photographs do not belong to me. I sourced them here. I dare you to visit and not spend too much time looking and laughing. :D


  1. You sound like you are hanging in there. Some days its all we can do. I guess this is why we have cats and cat photos. :)

  2. Well, I'm just glad to know that all is well. You'll get there, Erika. Maybe a trip to the 'puter for inspiration from your friends will help you get past the maintenance stage and back on the losing trail. I don't know. I've just basically given up and quit caring. And it shows.

  3. I've been eating maintenance calories this weekend too. Back on track today :)

  4. Love love the cheezeburger cats! Glad to hear you're on track at work.

  5. I had a long comment here, by my machine ate it. GRRRR. Suffice it to say that I'm always here for you. You've alwasy been there for for me, too. I can call; you can call. Never forget that.

    I'm glad to know that your gray, sad, mood seems to lifting a bit. The weather can do it. That triggers migraines in me, and for you, too, I'll bet. Keept drinking those liquids. The Canadian Migraine Assoc. says that it reduces the frequency and severity of attacks. I'm starting today.

    I care about you a lot, my friend. A whole lot.

  6. Hang in there, Erika. I know you will come through these doldrums like a trooper. We all have these times and we all just have to work our way through them in our own time. I wish you the best. :)


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