Friday, May 20, 2011

A Storm Seems to be Brewing

It was clear and sunny, earlier. Now, it is somewhat humid and the sky is turning dark and grey. Maybe a storm is to be had? Maybe? Maybe? Bring on the thunder and lightening! :D

I did walk, today. I went a little over two and a half miles. I feel wonderful. My hip is yapping at me but is isn't screaming. I think that, as much as I enjoyed walking over four miles, that is too much for me, right now. The other day I was seriously hurting. I could barely totter around my home. I think that keeping it between two and three miles is best for me, physically. I can still function easily, I am not in screaming pain and I didn't come home, struggle through a fast shower and die on my sofa. So, for the foreseeable future, no more walks over three miles. Exercise does me no good if I can't repeat it.

I have laundry going (wheee!!! sooo much fun.. *rolling my eyes*) and my house looks pretty good. Other than that, the rest of the day is mine. I think I will do my nails when I am finished with my laundry. I am just trying to decide what colour I want to wear... I think I might be in the mood for blue.

Mmkay, I think I will run along and rustle up some lunch.


  1. Blue nails...perhaps someday I won't work in an office where that is not kosher.

  2. Oh boy. I would be so disappointed if I couldn't wear any polish colour I choose.

  3. Good job on your walk! Good idea about keeping the mileage down.

  4. I was thinking on participating in BYOC but of course, I missed it! LOL I think because I read blogs early in the a.m. and Draz posts probably after I get off to work. Then too I am finding that my blog roll isn't always updated properly. Yesterday at least one blog I follow hadn't updated and today it says the newest post was two days ago! (And I read religiously each a.m.) Sounds as though I would like to string your evil cousin up by his cojones. Or put him in prison where he would get what he deserves. 'Nuff said. I want a thunderstorm or ten. Please send it over here when it is done in Prescott.

  5. I bought some lovely polish today and thought of you!


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