Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yepper. I'm Still Alive

I am just incredibly boring and busy and don't have a shitload to yap about. Sometimes I don't write much. Others, you can't shut me up. I have just been taking care of hearth and home. Also playing over on my other blog a lot. I had some stuff to post, a couple of reviews, some press releases to publish.

And, okay.

Time to come clean.

I have become ever so slightly addicted to You Tube videos, lately. I have been watching a lot of vids on makeup application, nail tutorials and so forth. I feel so out of touch, anymore and the videos are helping me get a little more currant, again. I need to get out of my insular little, tiny world, more. And I think it is time to start subscribing to my favourite magazines, again. I need to break out, more.

Gah! It's Country morning on The Weather Channel. Can I rip my ears out, now?

Oh, in bod news: I haven't been on the scale because I am back in full fledged scale fear mode. Yeah, I know. I am weird in the extreme. But I am eating a lot better, staying more consistently on track. It feels good to be doing the right thing for myself and not stalling myself by stuffing my face. I am also walking a lot. A whole lot. It is great to be getting out there and really flying through a hard hike on Kick Ass Trail. The walk that not too long ago half killed me is nothing, now. I blow right past that gate and go on and on. And a lot faster than I used to. Now, we finish a near four mile walk in just over an hour.

I am feeling better all the time. Stronger and faster. My hips are even feeling a little better with consistent exercise. My poor knees, on the other hand. They sound like rock grinders. I am going to have to have a serious chat with my doc about them, when I see her in August. Hopefully she can help me with them or refer me to someone who can. There is a treatment I think it is called Synvisic (I am sure that I butchered that spelling. Medical stuff has weird spelling!) where the left over synovial fluid is drained from the joint and replaced with this fluid substance. It is supposed to really help the knees to function so much better and reduce or even, in some cases eliminate pain. How fabulous would that be?

Heh heh. I have finally killed my walking shoes. The poor things. The soles are falling apart and I have worn holes in the sides. I told William that no matter what, I have to have new shoes, this payday. My poor feet and ankles are suffering badly from the lack of proper support and cushioning. And let's face it, I feel like a ragamuffin out there, walking around in shoes that look as if they have been through a war. lol

I listen to Slacker (it's like Pandora, only better) when I am walking. I am steadily teaching it. I used to just accept whatever it dumped on me then I started actively hearting and banning songs. And it is slowly coming around to my way of thinking. I love being able to ban songs I find offensive. And Slacker lets you ban artists. You know what that means... I banned the Biebs. Yessss.!!! Look, I respect that everyone likes what they like. I don't judge. But, if I can avoid having to listen to what I don't, all the better. I have become an expert at hauling my phone out of it's little carrier, waking it up, unlocking the screen and hearting or banning or skipping a song all without losing a step, slowing my pace or losing my zone.

I am multitasker. Hear me roar.

So, did everyone have a good Memorial Day weekend? Ours was like any other weekend. We didn't do anything special. We did have to skip the lake, day before yesterday. The wind was blowing so hard that walking would have been impossible. It was stupid, nasty windy. High steady winds and gusts up to sixty miles per hour. Crazy, I tell you. I will walk in wind but I have a lot of difficulty breathing in wind, and when it gets to a certain point I have to stay in. It was also freakishly cool, this weekend. Not that I am complaining, mind you. It will get ugly and hot, hot, hot soon enough. It is supposed to be 82, today with a low but steady wind. Should be lovely for walking, this evening. :D

I am slowly changing from pale to golden. Yes, I know. Tanning. Bad. But, I am allergic to chemical sunscreens (yes, I have tried all of them) and mineral sunblock, while lovely, is cost prohibitive. If I use the proper amount every time I go out, I can blow through a tube in less than a week, easy. And at ten to fourteen dollars a pop, I just can't afford that. And, I have skin that tans though sunblock, anyway. Along with my high cheekbones and the shape of my nose, my skin tone and ability to tan is one of the visible traces of my Osage heritage.

So, gold I shall turn, I suppose. I go out mostly in the late afternoon/early evening so that minimizes my exposure to the worst of the sun. And since I spent so long either in the house or actively avoiding the sun, maybe it won't be too bad. I don't know. Maybe I just need to be out and free and if that means I tan a bit, well that is how it is going to be. I will deal with whatever, later.

Okay, so. Yeah. That is about it for me, for right now. Those of you in the heatwave areas of the country, stay cool. Drink lots and lots of water and exercise carefully. Heatstroke isn't funny and I don't want to be getting news that my bloggy buddies have started dropping like flies.


  1. It is going to be in the mid 90s here. I will be going out for an appointment but not for my usual sunbathing. I got that in early today for a brief while. I look better golden than snow white anyway. The only downside is that I keep have to replace my foundation with darker colors.

  2. I absolutely love your updates. I am so proud of you for the walking you're getting in! Keep rockin it girl!!

    I just got new sneakers this past weekend! I got new balance cross trainers. They fit beautifully and are so much better than the ragged a$$ shoes I've been wearing for about 5 + years now!


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