Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Kind of Bullshit is That, Anyway???

I am watching Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss. I had to hit pause to blog this, really quick. The first person profiled is a young woman who weighed 369 pounds. When it came time for her first weigh in she was put on a freight scale on the hotel loading dock. She was told that she had to go on the freight scale because there were no regular scales that could weigh her.

A fucking freight scale for a woman weighing 369 pounds? For the record, you idiots (I am speaking to the producers at ABC) there are plenty of good quality, accurate scales that can weigh someone at 400 or even 500 pounds or more. And not put someone through the trauma of being weighed like a pallet of slabs of beef. What a bunch of sensationalized bullshit.

I cried as I watched that woman stand on the freight scale. I wept for her. For the humiliation she suffered by being weighed like a ton of goods coming off a truck. For being used for dramatic purposes. If someone put me on a freight scale and filmed it, I think that my heart would shatter from the utter humiliation. Just thinking about it makes me want to throw up.

I get that TV shows need a hook to interest their viewers. But sometimes they need to remember that the participants are human beings deserving of dignity. Isn't the fact that dangerously, morbidly obese persons are changing their lives and making a huge transformation dramatic enough? Do they have to heap this on them, as well? I know that the participants are adults and do this of their own free will. But I just cringe when I think of the fact that their very pain is being used as a selling tactic.

Producers of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss, (yeah, as if they read my blog... lol) there are plenty of good scales out there that will weigh even the heaviest mobile persons. If you are strapped for cash, maybe I can get the money together and have one sent to you. Let me know, mmmkay? Scales that don't involve humiliation on a loading dock.

Just saying.

Okay. Back to my program.


  1. that is so sad. I can't watch those shows anymore. Did you keep watching?

  2. I cannot watch shows like Heavy or Biggest loser. Yeah, they have scales at Weight Watchers that you can roll up to and get off and then remove the wheel chair. They absolutely do not have to treat someone of less than 400lbs with such lack of dignity and respect. I cannot stand that type of sensationalism.

  3. I dont' like biggest loser but I Found heavy to be inspirational. I haven't seen this episode you are talking about yet but it sounds sad. :(

  4. That is awful that they would do that. I do not watch this show, but I do watch Biggest Loser.

  5. I hated that moment in the show. I felt so bad for her. I also hated that they gave us NO info on her other than her weight. How tall is she? What was her body fat percentage/lean muscle mass? In my journey I am learning so much about what "fit" means - and it's more than a number on a scale. I felt like we were shortchanged.

    I also would love to know what happened with her Plantar's Fascitis (sp?) - I have this too and would love to know how she managed to deal with hers but keep exercising.

  6. I caught "Shedding for the Wedding" on Sunday which is a total BL knock off....but somehow it just didn't grow on me, not sure if I'll bother with another episode.

  7. Man - that just sucks!! Sensationalism at its absolute worst!!

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  9. I saw this and thought the same thing! It was just for dramatic affect because like you said there are clearly normal scales that she could have stepped on.

    I posted about the show the other day too....did you hear her say when she was working out that if it was not for this opportunity she was going to have to get the lap band? Kinda rubbed me the wrong way.

    Thanks for adding me button, I just saw that, you rock!!



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