Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In the Middle

Sooo... It's Wednesday.

The middle of the week.


Just tow more days to the weekend.


I can't wait.

I see that the good people of Blogger have been futzing around with things, again. Can't they just leave what works alone to do it's job? Do they have to move stuff from one side to another and get me all turned around all the time? Honestly, I think that they do it on purpose. lol

It is warming up, here. Back up to around 80. Supposed to be 84, tomorrow. And the night time temps are finally out of the thirties. Hopefully they stay that way, now. I be over the cold nights. Don't worry and it warming up, tho. I will be bitching plenty about the heat, soon. ;)

I ate well, today but for popcorn. *sigh* I didn't do any damage but I did succumb to the siren song of fluffy white kernels of white cheddar love. I really, really wish that William would respect my wishes and not bring that stuff home, for a while. Just for a bit, so I can have some time not triggered by my favourite salty crunchy thing. It is my fault... The chowing of the popcorn. I am not blaming him for that. But I am blaming him for not getting that I need it to not be in the house, right now and respecting my needs.

Oh vell. what am I going to do? Just try harder. This is on me. I need to do the job.

I think I had something more I wanted to natter about but I seem to have lost it to the blank swim that is my pathetic excuse for a brain so I guess I am going to run along, now.


  1. Darn men & their inability to respect our wishes. Mine has been helpful about getting groceries since I can't really walk through the store right now... but the "food" he is bringing into the house is a nightmare. Just have to make the best of it here. Sigh.

  2. Popcorn... Any kind... My nemesis! Stay strong! I'm here for support against those vile but wonderfully tasting little balls of yum! We can do this!

  3. The bag of cheddar popcorn used to be one of my favorite snacks. It IS hard to resist!

  4. Sometimes I don't wanna wear those big girl panties. LOL


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