Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Golden Tuesday Morning


Somehow I missed posting, yesterday. I got busy and didn't get here. I ate pretty well, calories were under control. I drank all of my water and then some. I was a little sodium loaded and thought a good washout was in order, so six quarts down. *slosh*

I have received a few questions on how I drink so much water. It isn't too difficult, once you get into the rhythm. I keep my drinking water at room temperature. Very cold water is lovely and refreshing but it doesn't go down so easily for me. I get brain freeze and a tight throat when I try to down large quantities of very cold water. So, room temp it is.I keep two very large tumblers going at once and I drink with a straw. Yes, using a straw consistently is as bad for the lip lines as smoking but slugging down huge amounts of water by tipping a glass is harder than sucking it through a straw. I measure and keep track by pouring my water into a two quart pitcher. Two and a half pitchers down and I am done.

When you slurp, you pee. A. Lot. And at first it is excruciating. Constant toilet runs. Sometimes every ten minutes or so. And at night? Forget about a solid night's sleep for at least a few nights. lol But, if you keep at it, if you keep drinking, in time your bod begins to adjust. Soon bathroom runs get further and further apart. You pee more each time you go but you go a little less often. And after a while you can sleep through the night, again. Or at least are up just once. Since I usually get up to pee in the wee (no pun intended ;)) hours to pee, anyway it isn't disturbing to me.

The more water you drink, consistently, the more your body demands to feel properly hydrated. Yes, drinking so much is a job. A big job. But I feel so much better, I have a little more energy, my skin looks and feels better and it has the added advantage of keeping my mouth busy so I am not so focused on chowing down. Win-win.

So, chickadees, get big jugs of clean, filtered water, set one on your counter, get out your biggest tumblers and a straw and get to chugging. It isn't easy, especially at first. But it is doable. And the benefits to your bod far outweigh the temporary difficulties of getting used to it. Trust me. :D

Poor Sabryna is sick, this morning. She keeps eating grass and throwing up. Poor baby girl. She is having a really rough morning. These episodes are hitting her more frequently than they used to. I think it is just part of her ageing process. She will get over it, in a bit. Right now, she is safely outside, where she can blow without making a mess on my floor. Yuk.

It is so quiet in here. William went to work early this morning and Patrick just left a few minutes ago. I have my DVR on pause while I finish typing this entry and the dog is outside. I suddenly became aware of the silence and heaved a big sigh and just relaxed.

Okay, I need to get going. I want to read blogs and catch up in what is going on in everyone's lives and I have a few things to get done. Thankfully, no laundry, today. :P


  1. Water is so important! Sometimes when I feel "hungry" it's just dehydration talking :)

  2. I love water! I drink it ALL.DAY.LONG. Yes, I frequent the restroom, however, it is well worth it! I feel better, look better, and eat less as a result!

  3. Yep I do big QT cups of water with straws, I can get through about three 52 ounce cups a day. Unlike you mine must be ice cold or I can't tolerate it. The only time I'll drink room temp water is if I am working out and there is nothing else.

  4. Oh no poor puppy...you must be so excited to be home alone. I think that if I got to be home alone for more than five minutes I wouldn't know what to do with myself!

  5. I needed this. You always say the right things. I've had some really bad migraines as of late and I've drank ZERO water...and dehydration could be causing it. I have to do this...I have to...

  6. That water is just fabulous for the skin. I've once again been off the water so it is hard to get back to it. I should make a concerted effort. Your Tuesday sounds divine!


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