Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Been a Couple of Days...

I didn't drop off the face of the Earth. I have just been busy. I finally staggered in here late last night but my poor little brain was too fried to form a coherent thought, much less compose one of my usual sparkling, insightful entries. (You did hear the sarcasm, right? :P lol)

I finally finished the Christmas decorating. The tree went up and was decorated last night. I should say.. I put the tree up. Pookey (my son) brought it up from the storage room for me and I began the assemble and fluff process and Willy Dog (my husband) suddenly realised that he had to run out to pick something up. Convenient, huh? Willy Dog hates to fluff the tree. Hates it. And, since I am so damned fussy about the process and rag him mercilessly the whole time, I guess I really can't blame him...

He managed to stay gone just long enough for me to complete the assembly, fluffing and replacing a few burned out bulbs. I had started decorating when he got back. The decorating, which he said he wanted to help with all went to me, as well. (Which I really don't mind. I love to decorate my Christmas tree.) He decided to bow out. *sigh* Yet something else I got to do alone. Pookey jumped in and helped me put the finishing touches on, placed things where I couldn't reach and so forth. Thank heaven for him.

So it is done and now we can just enjoy it all until January 2nd. :D

Lets see, what else is going on? The usual, but ramped up, for some reason. I am not finding as much time to play. Must be the time of year. Things tend to get a little crazy, around this time. It will settle down. I am eating well, for the most part. I had a rough time of it, the other day. But I didn't let it pull me down and defeat me. I seem to be trying to work over something in my stupid head. I am not exactly sure what the hell it is... I don't grok this blockage, this speed bump. But I will get to the root of it and I will overcome it. Until I do kick it's ass, I am not going to allow it to derail me. I have the balls and knowledge. I just have to remain strong and determined and use them when I feel myself struggling.

Okay, I have to pee like a racehorse and I want my brekkie. I'll be back in a bit to read and catch up with everyone.

Later, gators. <3


  1. I usually love decorating my tree too, Erika but I just couldn't do it this year. I let the kids handle it and they did a good job. Of course, it doesn't look as good now that the cats have been after it.

  2. You do have the balls and the knowledge. Looking forward to you posting when you figure out what's going on...

  3. You're done decorating? Great - head this way next ... LOL I hope to finish by the weekend.

    Are you posting any tree pictures?

  4. I'm just happy to see you've posted something new!! Love reading your posts- thanks for writing E!

  5. great job going through the trial instead of trying to eat your way around it. huge thing.
    and my little brother's nickname is pookie....Great minds and all that!


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