Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

He. He.

I just had to come back in and natter a little more.

I have decided to join in on Allan's Phase Four. The hardcore, balls to the wall approach appeals to me. I like a challenge. :D  And, let's face it... The fact that, if I stay on track I could weigh in at or close to 249 pounds by May First is rather seductive. Somehow I got sucked into participating in the last little bit of Phase Three... How that happened, I am not sure. lol I don't mind, tho. It is giving me incentive to get on track and get ready for Phase Four. I am taking this time to slide into the rhythm of 1200 calories and enough water to float a battleship, every day. As soon as my back is up to it, I will also hit the road, again. Hopefully, right about the time this snow melts and the sidewalks are safe, my back will be up to it, again.

Whew! Listen to that wind! Golly, I love a good storm. I prefer rain to snow... But a storm is a storm. It includes lots of clouds and that makes me happy. :D

Calories are in just under 1200, water is down. So, on track, today. I had a great day yesterday, as well. Feels good. Really good. I know that I am not going to hit 300 or less by New Year's Day. My own fault. I made the choices that slowed me down. I take responsibility. I have to live with the consequences. And the disappointment in that and in myself. Not a poor me. Just the facts. :)

I am dangerously close to 300, tho. I will have to decide what I am going to wear in my next set of progress pics. I am finally beginning to see a difference when I look int the mirror. (I have massive fat goggles... This is huge, for me!) I am kind of interested to see how I come out in photos. Maybe I should wait to lose an additional ten pounds. Because they say the camera adds ten pounds... :P ^^

Okay, I am going to grab some more water, hit the loo and get a good night's sleep I am still running on a huge deficit.

Oh, and Hope, if I move more furniture before my back is back up to snuff, I invite you to come smack me around.

Goodnight, lovebugs. Sleep tight and stay warm.


  1. I love this post.
    Very good.
    balls to the walls....who doesn't like it like that?!

  2. Love the camera adds ten pounds comment. Is that why I hate having my picture taken? Good luck on the challenge. 249 by May 1st does sound seductive. You can do it.

    PS - just checked out your nails blog. How awesome. Gotta go back for more now.

  3. Congrats, you'll do great!

    Sending healing vibes your way for the back . . .~~~~~~~~~~> feel better soon!

  4. Welcome to the challenge, Erika. It is a hard plan but it works. I wish all of us much success!

  5. You'll rock the challenge. Sometimes hard core is shows you how much strength you really have!

  6. Oh this challenge sounds wonderful...I may need to check this out....Where would one find said challenge?????


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