Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do Not Want!

Snow. Ugh. Do not want. We only got a few inches, but we are up on a steep hill and even a little snow means we are snowed in. It is unsafe to drive down our driveway, even in Willy Dog's four wheel drive work truck. He had to call a co worker to come pick him up, this morning. Pookey had to walk into work. I hope it clears up, the sun comes out and this shit melts. Fast.

It wouldn't be so bad, if we didn't live up on this fucking hill. I hate this hill. I really hate it a lot. *sniff* I have running around and shopping to get done. We need stuff, we live in town. In Town. And we are trapped. Blech!

Pictures. Lots of pictures. Because misery loves company. ^^ :P

 Footprints outside my back door.

 My grill. My poor widdle grill. All covered with a pile of snow. 

 My backyard. Can you see Sabryna's paw prints. She didn't stay out there long! lol

 Snowy fakealoo tree on my front deckony.

 Drive and Willy Dog's truck's nose. 

 Drive and trees and a neighbouring home. The slope is the drive down to the frontage road and the pic doesn't show just how nasty it is.

 My footprints on my deckony. Yes, I have big feet. But, in my defense, the hard soled slippers I was wearing are too big... So there. :P

 Another look at the driveway.

 And another.

 As you can see by this shot, the snow isn't really very deep. But the wind blew like a somebitch all night and drifted it and is still blowing and drifting it and made the drive into a hazard. So, the big, four wheel drive truck sits and languishes. 

 Drive to the left... I think this shows a little better just how truly steep that drive really is. 

  Backyard, through my window. 

 And again. The white you see is blowing snow.

 More backyard. 

 Ponderosa pine outside my kitchen window. Taken from my dining room window.

 Snow through a window with snow blown and frozen on it. 

And again. :D

 Mini rant: Why do morning news shows pan the crowds of screaming, yelling idiot people hanging around outside the studio? Hang out with them? And why do those morons hang out out there and yell and scream wave their stupid signs and rudely interrupt the news people? So stupid. They need to get rid of all of those idiots. Seriously. I can't stand to watch a network news show because of those morons.

Okay, debate time, kiddies. I hear one medical expert say that coffee, even caffeinated counts in your hydration totals. Another says no, it dehydrates and you have to drink more water for every cup of coffee to make up for it. Who is right? Discuss. :D

The sun is shining in my back window. It is supposed to hide soon and the snow is supposed to start back up. I hope that The Weather Channel is wrong. Rain would be better. It would wash away all of this stupid snow.

Okay, I am going to finish my coffee, continue with my laundry and start glugging my daily allotment of water, have brekkie and take my BP med. I'll see all you fine, furry folk, later. Stay warm, if it is cold in your neck of the woods. If you live in Australia and are basking in Summer, I officially hate you. A little bit. ;)


  1. I remember those days. We lived at the top of a hill in the mountains when I was growing up. It took almost nothing to snow us in. On top of that we were often without power for days after a snow. I HATED it. I remember once when my daughter was about 6 weeks old, we had the worst blizzard ever. The snow was about 2 feet deep and we had to call the rescue department to get us out. We stayed at a motel for a week until the power was back on at home. Now, we are smarter. My husband and I bought a house in the valley, outside the foothills of the mountains. We have not problem driving in the snow. It is only ice that keeps us home now. About the caffeine, my surgeon told me no caffeine because of the dehydration factor and that if I do have caffeine I can't count it toward my total fluids. I'm not a coffee drinker so it didn't really affect me that much. But I do love tea and occasionally enjoy a cup.

  2. I've heard both about coffee as well. Caffeine is supposedly a diuretic. So it would make sense that you would have to drink more water to compensate.

    However, I personally count it in my fluid intake. I usually only have one or two espressos in a day.. so it's not much... but I do count it.

    Probably doesn't matter if you count it or not... the "experts" will change their minds from week to week whether it is good for you.

    Hope you get lots of sun and warmth today.

  3. I'm not even going to mention how much I miss snow. Here in Houston there is a better chance of Hell getting snow than us. It must be a b*tch to live in, but those pictures are so pretty.

    As for the coffee, I would drink it and then just drink more water to be on the safe side. They will pry my coffee cup out of my cold dead hands before I give it up.

    Hope you have a good day in spite of the lovely white powder that surrounds you.

  4. I have a mug of coffee everyday and drink water all day and one glass of tea at night then more water. Works for me! Nice pics but I would hate being snowed in.

  5. BOOHOO, I want your snow!!!! But I admit, it is tough to deal with when you have to go to work and get stuff done, that sucks. But sitting and reading by a fire??? YES.

    As for coffee, I'm torn on this one...since caffeine is a diuretic and makes you pee out your precious fluids I'm not sure it can count in the daily totals. On the other hand, it certainly helps those of us who retain water weight to not be puffy monsters. So how about a compromise like decaf green tea? Shitty answer but that is the best I got. ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  6. Lovely photos! And I TOTALLY agree, I hate the screaming fans outside the morning show studios. Just, why????

  7. The snow is beautiful, but I gotta say better you than me. Stir crazy much? Wow. I would be going (even more) nuts after a day or so!

    About the coffee, follow your heart. There's always going to be some expert with data to justify anything, it seems. If you're doing Allan's challenge, go by whatever he says. Otherwise just pay attention to how your body reacts to it. I take my caffeine in pill form most days now but am hoping to cut down and eventually eliminate it once my sleep is normalized.

  8. Yes, the snow is beautiful...but I hate it sooooo! The kids love it though. I have to agree with Lanie about the coffee issue. Depending on who's backing the study the results may be skewed. I have heard that coffee is a diuretic. It certainly helps with all the exercise back and forth to the facilities ;-)


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