Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blah, Blah, Blah

And yadda, yadda.

I need to get running, this morning. But I wanted to pop in really quick and say hey. Yesterday was okay. 1875 calories... A little higher than I like but not disastrous and I drank a lot more water. I am puffy from salt, tho. Blech.

I am slurping a big mug of sugar free caramel coffee then it is off to the shower for me.

May I go back to bed, now?


  1. Sugar free caramel coffee?!!! I didn't even know they made such an animal. Hmmmmm ...

  2. LOL. Stay up a while and enjoy a peaceful Sunday. I used to try to catch a nap during the day but always woke up feeling worse than if I had just stayed up. Veg in front of the television and watch a Christmas movie. Wishing you a great day!

  3. No no no - you have to go out shopping so millions of people can see your fantastic nails and slimming body and be super jealous!

  4. sugar free caramel coffee..I am with first poster...and am violently interested. lol.
    and loved the title of your blog...I feel like that most of the time.

  5. I have that all the time! Double Yummy-lishous!


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