Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ugh! Moar Snow!

So, it snowed some more. And now we are even more socked in, up here. I am never getting out. lol Trapped in mounds of snow. Forever. Truly an Ice Queen.

Bwahahaha! Drama, much? :P

It is going to be a pain for a day or three, but the temps are supposed to be up to fifty, in a couple of days, so this snow is going to melt away, fast and life will return to normal. :)

I took more pictures. And yes, I am going to torture you with them because this is my blog and I can. ^^

 Backyard. Deeper in.

 When there is no snow, there is a patio and a drop off to the ground, below. It is a foot at the wall, less by the tree.

 Sabryna in the snow. 

 Drop off? What drop off?

 The driveway, even more deeply covered, now.

 Between the drive and the slope is a high curb. All that is visible of that curb is a slight, long bump in the snow. 

 I am never getting out of here... lol

My little view of a bit of Prescott

About caffeine and water? Personally, I think that I need more water to make up for the additional fluid loss from the natural diuretic in coffee. The coffee I drink and all the water I am drinking definitely help keep the puff down. It never really goes away, entirely... I have hopes that as I lose more weight, it will resolve and I will not have to worry about it, anymore. Or at least as much. 

My chow is on track and I am right on pace with my water. My last load of laundry is in my dryer. Maybe I can just rest my back, this afternoon.

Okay, I am chattered out, now. Thank heaven, huh?  :P


  1. Love the snow photos, we got a ton of snow this week here in CT but then again it always snows here! I am always up for a few snow photos

  2. Oh God - you'd die here - there's at least 2 feet on the ground. We had to shovel it off of our roof so it wouldn't cave in!

  3. Wow! That's a lot of snow. We don't have any snow here in SoCal so I can totally imagine how trapped I'd be feeling if there was. Yikes!

    Happy shoveling. :-)

  4. HELLO,
    It just snowed here so we can finally feel your pain in Colorado.
    go make a snowman...that would be fun.

  5. The photos are beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Enjoy!!

  6. Hi, I've started following some of Allan's challenge folks. Wanted to say Hi and wish you a Happy New Year.

    I had to look up Prescott. I lived in Tucson, Arizona for a couple of winters as a travel nurse and loved visiting
    Prescott, Grand Canyon, Jerome, Sedona, Flagstaff. My favorite drives are the back roads.

  7. I LOVE snow pictures!! These are fantastic. Happy New Year to you and your family!!!


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