Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Are we buying this shit?

Look, I get that pesticides and sugar and HFCS are not good for us. Certain chemicals can be harmful to our bodies. Sugar, especially in large quantities cause weight gain, no question. But, do chemicals, dubbed Obesogens by some "experts" cause us to gain weight? Can we really blame chemicals and sugars for the change in our very way of thinking? Can we place at the doorsteps of these substances our bad behaviours and weight gain? Do chemicals and sugars actually go in and change us?

Are plastic containers making us fat? Are nonstick pans so profoundly damaging us that we are getting bigger and bigger? Is my nail polish causing me to not burn fat?

I'm not buying it. Not entirely. As I have said before, many chemicals and too much sugar are doubtless harmful but I don't think that it is healthy or smart to blame chemicals and sugar for the changes in our thinking, our behaviours. I blame myself. I allowed myself to abuse food as a reaction to external stressors. Plastic water bottles, HFCS and nail polish didn't make me do this. I made me do this.

Blaming chemicals and sugar for our obesity, placing the blame for our lousy eating patterns on these substances is dangerous. It is the Twinkie Defense in a fat brown wrapper. And if it becomes widespread "wisdom" it is going to do a lot of harm.

I didn't eat very well, yesterday. In fact, I would guess that my calorie level was pretty shitty. And it wasn't because I use plastic containers in my microwave or wear nail polish. It is because I made bad food choices of my very own volition. And I am choosing to make better choices, today.

I try to cut down on nasty chemicals as much as I can and I am not eating near the amount of sugar and HFCS I used to consume. I believe that these steps will help to enhance my health. But they won't "cure" my obesity. Only I can do this, by eating right, exercising, hydrating and working on the way my head and body work together.

I didn't eat as I should have, yesterday but I did get my water in. I didn't consume enough calories to gain weight. But I certainly did have enough to put a dent in my progress. I still have a lot of work to do. And I still have to repeat the lesson to myself that food isn't a drug, comfort, a friend, a lover or a way to amuse myself. It is fuel. Full stop. And to use it for any other purpose is abuse of myself, disrespect of who I am as a person and just plain stupid.

Obesogenes notwithstanding.

I have a load of laundry in the dryer and my house is clean. I got to polish furniture, this morning. Wheee! Sooo much fun, eh? It is chilly, cloudy and rainy, still. Tho it will be clearing my Friday and it is supposed to be sunny and sixty degrees on Christmas. Nice. The damned storm couldn't wait a couple of days, give us some clouds on Christmas, for a change? I am so sick of sunny Christmas days, I want rain, snow and nastiness. And I want it this year! *stamps foot and flounces off*

Okay, I need to wrap this borefest up, now. I have to pee and I want to read what you are all up to.

Later, dearlings.


  1. I'm with ya! Obesogens? WHAT? I think they like to scare people with their terms and warnings. I can tell you what got me there...TOO MUCH FOOD. LOL!

  2. I don't buy the whole theory either but I do believe that chemicals and highly processed food contribute to bad health in general are probably are the cause of most cancers. There is no doubt that most of the foods we get have been exposed to chemical fertilizers, or are highly processed and contain preservative and additives that do us no good whatsoever. I don't see the obesity link other than that people are CHOOSING to use the highly processed starchy foods more than they are choosing fresh meats and vegetables etc.

  3. Actually, your nail polish is probably giving you cancer. And your deodorant is too. And lots of other cosmetics.

    I don't think most people understand about the highly processed foods and the damage they cause. Or maybe they don't take it seriously. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a market for the junk, right? And if people weren't buying it, they'd stop selling it and it wouldn't be an issue. Anyway, I know that before I started educating myself about the stuff I put on and in my body (about a year ago) I just ate whatever. I think education is key in the issue, but we still can't force people to take it seriously.

    Keep on keepin' on sistah!

  4. Lanie, I don't doubt that some chemicals in everyday products are carcinogens. But that wasn't the point of my post. I was debating whether or not chemicals, sugar and HFCS actually go in, change us at the molecular, genetic and metabolic level, completely changing our way of thinking, reacting and how our bodies process the foods we eat? And, if we remove these compounds from our lives, is that all that is necessary to "cure" obesity?

    Will we magically get thin because we stop using nail polish, PET bottles and HFCS? I highly doubt it. I polish my nails, I use plastic and there is a small amount of sugar and occasionally HFCS in the foods I eat. And I am losing weight. I am doing it by watching how many calories I eat and moving my bod and hydrating. IMO, Obesogenes is pop science of a harmful variety until I see empirical data to the contrary. :)

  5. Basically, we all know that too much of anything is bad for us.. anyone notice that we're never told TOO MUCH INFORMATION is bad for us?!?!? Why is it that we are finding out all this stuff now??

    Plus, since when is science allowed to be an excuse?? You put that shit in your mouth (as did I, of course) and THAT is why we are overweight, not because something we ate made us more prone to obesity..

    What will they say next?!

  6. I blame the fact that I eat too much and don't exercise ad much as I should on my weight problem - my fault.. No scientific word or hypothesis can change that. I wish it could, but it is clearly on ME... Thank you for the great post!!


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