Monday, December 20, 2010

Sugar Free Caramel Coffee

Easy-peasy. Make your coffee of choice. Add some fat free half and half and Torani sugar free caramel syrup to taste, stir and enjoy. :D

I haven't made it a secret that I drink instant coffee. Hey, it really isn't that bad, once you get used to it. And I also slurp a lot of tea. I need a teakettle. I had to trash my most recent one because it was full of lime scale and was falling apart. So yesterday, the hunt was on. Time to buy a new one. I searched all over this piece of shit crap cow pattiy kicking bullshit podunk hell town for a good teakettle. I finally found some at Ross. The first store I wanted to try, the last one I got to. No other stores had any that were pretty and affordable. Dillard's had two, a Le Cruset.... Yeah, No. Not for seventy bucks. And a Paula Deen brand kettle. Uh, how many ways can I say Oh Hell No! My last teakettle was her brand and it was a piece of shit. On a stick. I will never buy anything that broad endorses.

So, I finally found the kettle I wanted at Ross. It was a thing of beauty. 1.8 quart, high, arched handle, the little spout cover lever in the handle so that I don't have to risk burning my little digits. And shiny! So, so shiny. I was in love. When I got it home, I gave it a good wash, dried it and filled it up with fresh, cold water and went to put it on my stove. And discovered, to my horror that it leaks! Where the body meets the bottom it isn't sealed properly.

Shit! Now that one has to go back and I have to get something else. *sigh* Back to boiling my coffee and tea water in a small open pot.

We also went all over creation looking for a new microwave. There wasn't one microwave that we liked at a decent price in this entire hellhole of a town. I guess we will have to go to the frakking Valley?

I hate Prescott! Hate it here. Not only do I hate this stupid town, I hate the way that there is nothing decent here, I can't find what I want and need and...

Gah! I just hate it here!

Okay. Rant over.

Food yesterday was good. I ended up just over 1400 calories.

Food is good today, too. I am also back to slugging water like a crazy woman. My poor little ankles are really puffy.

I am watching the Survivor Finale. Just a note, Holly; "stragical", like "stratigary" is not a word.

Laundry day, today. I am ears deep in four loads and I need to go get one out of my dryer, right now. And then I want my lunch. I am hongry.

I'll be back later to read your blogs and maybe yap a bit more, later.


  1. All of my dream teakettles reside at Taevana, but they are REALLY pricey. One day.... :-)

  2. I found my teakettle at wally world. It is white enamel and matches my kitchen. It has the little whistle spout and removable lid. I'm thinking a nice hot cup of English Breakfast tea might hit the spot.

  3. I don't drink I am not a tory. lol.
    I drink coffee though and that coffee sounds tasty, think I will give it a go. sorry you hate your town, never been in prescott..although I must say arizona reminds me of bad horror movies when I drive through the new hills have eyes. just me.

  4. I found the best tea kettle in an old "Mom and Pop" kitchen store out in the middle of nowhere! I've had it about 10 years and wouldn't trade it for the world - just gotta keep lookin, I guess.... Good stuff is hard to find..

  5. OK- So I was going through my blog roll and I came across your pic and I thought "Who's that new chick?!" then I realized it's you!! You look great, mama!!!!!!! :) WOW!!! Keep it up!!! Oh, and sorry you're town is crap! ;) Hope you find a new tea-kettle! Also, have you tried Strbx Via instant? Pretty tasty if I do say so myself! ;)

  6. Oh, and that's "your", not "you're". It's late!!


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