Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Teakettle Found

Willy Dog found me a nice teakettle at, of all places, Fry's. It is a Kitchen Aid, red enamel, 1.5 quart, great whistle and the flipper lifter thingy in the handle so that I don't burn my little feenors. It was on sale and he got a discount because Pookey works at that store, so it was a good deal, too. I am happily boiling and pouring, once again and a little thing is right in my realm.

Yesterday's calories were acceptable... 1545. Could have done better but not a disaster. I drank almost all of my water, too. I am riding the Puff Monster pretty hard, right now. *sigh* I am responsible for it... I didn't keep my feet up as much as I should have, let myself have a bit too much salt, again and slacked on my water a couple of days. So I am in scramble and slurp mode. I don't like the Puff Monster. I dislike being puffy. I want the puff to go away. I think that getting more weight off will help. Lord, I hope it will help. I'll tell ya, I am at the point where I am thinking about talking to a doc about water pills. And I am not big on taking stuff. But if water pills would banish the bloat, I would be ready to change that.

Call the waaahmbulance. I am whiny, today. :P

I am going to make spaghetti squash with meatless "meat" sauce for dinner for Pookey and me. Willy Dog will make Icky Willy Chili. Gag me. How he can eat that shit is far beyond me. *shudder*

Okay, housework is done up and the rest of the day is mine. My big plan for the day is to hang out, cruise the webz and take a shower, later. I also need to keep searching for foundation. If primer doesn't solve my current issues with mineral foundation, I am going to have to find a liquid or creme. Something affordable, fair, neutral,  buildable medium coverage that is weightless and I can't feel on my skin, gives a smooth, poreless finish and is moisturising and most important, doesn't contain even a hint of chemical sunscreen. There are plenty that may meet those criteria, except for being affordable. Fifty plus dollars in my book isn't affordable and everything available in the drugstores is full of sunblock. Gah! 

I'll find something. It is out there. I just need to kiss a few frogs on my way to the HG.

Thank the Goddess that blogger automatically saves everything we write as we write it .I accidentally  smoothed my hand across my touch pad  and all of a sudden I am on my dashboard and my post is gone. Yikes1 I thought for a second that I had lost all my babbling and ranting and whining. And that would have been a true shame, indeed.

Okay, so I think I am done blathering, for the moment.


  1. Hey, Erika. I'm feeling you on the bloat. I haven't been as vigilant with my choices as far as sodium content and I went from being at 155 one back up 158 the next. I know with being under 1200 calories that I did not gain 3 pounds of fat. Damn that salt! Anyway, I commiserate with you. Happy you found the tea kettle. I love mine though it was a little pricey when I got it. I've had it for a while though and it still looks great. I'm ready for a cup of hot tea now that I have been out braving the cold. If I were you, I would try going super low sodium on everything before looking into diuretics. Those can make you feel horrible. I went that route back in the day. Also, I don't know if you have ever tried it, but since I am an Avon Rep. I will give myself a plug. Avon make a mineral makeup that I adore. I use a moisturizer before I apply it and get good coverage with it. I hate the feel of liquid makeup. The minerals feels natural to me and Avon product are more affordable than most. You can check out the products at my website at http://www.myavon.com/kogle. Ordering from there gets things shipped right to your door. Just a suggestion. I hope you find something that works for you.:)

  2. Sorry for the puffiness! I am sure it will calm down soon but if not, yeah, maybe the water pills are an option. I am with you on not liking to take stuff unless I absolutely have to.

    Just out of curiosity, is there a reason you don't like using foundation with sunscreen in it?

    Good luck with the search for make-up; it really is a pain trying out new ones (and the costs rack up fast while trying to find your fav.)!

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