Friday, December 3, 2010

A New 'Do, A warm Day and an Almost Exploding Can

Hello everyone. How's life treating all of you, today? All is well, here. I am calm, serene, even and nicely on track. That is a good thing. :)

I decided, after a great deal of thought to do a little more work on my hair, today. I cut a few very subtle layers a while back. I was happy with the result. But After living with it for a time and thinking carefully about what I want and watching so much of my hair just fall, fall, fall I decided to add a little more layering in the back, then more layers in the front and some soft, long, wispy fringe. I have so much thinning at my hairline that the layers and fringe help to disguise it and the long layers overall give the appearance of volume at my ends and also give my hair lovely swing and movement. I may trim my fringe just a tad shorter... I'll live with it for a bit and see if I want it up out of my eyes, or not. I half like/dislike it this long. We'll see. I am in no hurry to make a decision.

I am not a layer girl. I prefer my hair all one length but the layers really do help disguise the thinning a little so I will probably keep it layered for a while. At least until the hair fall slows down and my new hair grows in. I also got rid of more of the peroxided ends that are, quite frankly, bugging me. They remind me of my greatest hair disaster, ever. And I would like that constant reminder, every time I look in my mirror to be gone.

We have the weirdest freaking weather, right now. It is in the mid sixties, today. Overcast but not cloudy. The other day, I was running the furnace to keep from freezing into a solid block of ice and today a couple of windows are wide open. Weirdness, I tell you. Days this warm aren't typical for this time of year.

So, I ran out of my antiperspirant and was sharing my husband's. Well, this morning, he managed to break the tube that goes down into the can. How he managed that trick, I know not... Anyway, after I got out of the shower, I had to try to use the busted sprayer because I can't go without my pit goo. If I try it, it is Stinky City, around here. And that, my friends, is something no one needs or wants to be anywhere near. lol So, I, creative, resourceful thinker I am, decided to just shove the busted tube into the hole, press the button and see what happened. The test was a success! Woo-hoo! I sprayed the first pit and feeling very big headed and all that, I went for the second pit. Got it sprayed, then it happened.

The mechanism in the can that makes the stuff come up jammed open and all of a sudden I had a handful of frost and antiperspirant. And it was spraying all over the place, all down my side and all over my wall. Brrr! and yuk! I had my terry robe lying on my bed and I wrapped the can in it and set the hissing bundle out on my washer until the can released the rest of it's pressure. I then tossed the can and got my robe into the wash. I hope all the antiperspirant washes out. To be safe, I am going to run it through a second cycle, with the rest of the whites.

So, a new hairdo and a little excitement.

I need to grab a little lunch then I am going to see if hubby would like to wake the fuck up (how he can nap the way he does is beyond me... I never nap unless I am dead dog sick or have a migraine from hell) and help me get the outside lights up. I need to get a move on. December is flying by.

Okay, later, gators. :D


  1. Love the new blog decor, Erika. I wish I knew how to do something with my hair. It is horrible. Limp, fine, and straight as a board. Plus my natural color is hideous. Blah!

  2. Erika! I love the new pics!!!! You are so beautiful. I also love all the new shiny stuff on the blog- I've always been a sucker for sparkle and shine. :)

    Deodorant story = hilarious! I loved it. Nice little random thing to throw you a little off center today- but all in all nbd and kinda funny. Just the way we like it, right!?



  3. Karen, layering, to a certain extent can give the look of volume, but it thin hair is layered too much, it will end up looking thinner, get limp and be a problem. For fine, thin hair a blunt cut with a graduated layer on the end can give the illusion of more volume and some movement, too.

    If you hate your colour, dye your hair, girl. :D Hair dye can make hair shiner, smoother and help pump up the volume of individual strands, making your hair feel and look a little thicker. Plus, a fresh, pretty colour is a real mood booster. :D If you colour your hair carefully, only do roots touchups and pamper your hair, coloured hair can look and feel fantastic.

    Yes, I am a bit of a hair dye evangelist... I think it is fab stuff and every girl should try it, at least once. :D

    Dizzy, I am blushing, seriously, here. Thank you.

    I love the sparkle, too. (Obviously... lol)

    I was laughing my ass off about the antiperspirant. It really was funny. :D

  4. L O V E the hair! It's so pretty and different.. :)

  5. God IQ - you are freaking gorgeous. I'd die to have your beautiful hair - and nails - LOL. By the way - tonight I did all gold sparkle and painted thin black tiger striped lines on the ring and thumb - just like you do. Are you scared I'm a nail stalker now? LOL

  6. I love the new picture you are gorgeous lady! Just gorgeous!

  7. that robe may never sweat again. ever.

    I hope you had hubster pick up some new or it's gonna be a rank weekend!

  8. Love the new pics and I love your blogs new look also..

  9. I absolutely love your new hair!! You look so beautiful! What a nice job you've done - pats on the back!!

    hahahahaha!! At the deodorant!! That story was too funny and really made my evening!! Your robe will always have good smelling pits from now on!!

  10. Thank you, Sarah.

    Stalk away, Draz. I do the same thing. Where do you think I learned it? :D You are very kind. But my hair... You might only want it if you like grey. Lots and lots of grey. lol

    Thank you, Love.

    Bwahahaha, Lanie. Yes, I don't want to have a rank weekend.

    Aw, thanks, Jen.

    Thank you, Debbie. I am a firm believer in overkill when it comes to Christmas decor. :D

  11. I am LOVING the hairdo and new pics. Very va va voom! Love the blog layout; you are so creative with it. I might get there someday ;)

  12. love the bangs and lip color. I dye my hair cause I am too young to be grey. I like bangs a bit longer cause you can always curl them under or sweep the out of the can't get them longer.
    My husband can sleep at any time as well.
    It's bizarre and frustrating. I can't do it.
    lol @ the can of anti-persperant.

  13. You look fantastic, your majesty! The light fringe suits you beautifully.

    I hear you on the hair disaster, sister. I'm still cutting my damage out too. I think I had my "event" very shortly after yours. We must celebrate when the last of our damage is gone!

  14. Thank you, Joy. I just went and plundered free images to place here and there. I love overkill at Christmas time. The more sparkle the better, is my motto. :D

    Thank you, Chris. I have a lot of grey. And I am planning to dye, soon. It is on the list as my first major milestone reward. And I am not going to do it until I reach that milestone.

    Aw, thank you, Franny. *blushes* Happily, the last bit of peroxided hair I am dealing with isn't in too bad shape. It was just badly lightened to try to blend my roots with henna removal disaster hair in the summer of '08. I just have a little left, now. I could probably trim in a couple more layers and be rid of it but I don't want anymore layers. I have enough (too many!) now. lol


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