Friday, December 17, 2010

A Pretty Okay Day

Calories are good. I am just under 1200 calories. I am not well hydrated, tho. I had to go out and do some shopping and didn't want to spend the whole time running from bathroom to bathroom so I didn't drink my water. I have had a couple of big lattes (fat free, sugar free) and a couple of big glasses of Crystal Light and a big glass of water, so I am not bone dry. But I will be slurping like a maniac, tomorrow.

I have more shopping to do Sunday. I need to hit WalMart, Sears, the mall... So much to get done. I don't mind it, tho. It gets me out of the house and out and about.

It was grey and chilly, today. No rain or snow but still a lovely day. It is cold tonight and supposed to get colder. I wonder if we will get any snow. I hope not, we have a busy weekend ahead and snow is a pain in the ass when we have to get out and get stuff done. Our driveway is supersteep and a real hazard when snowy.  It can snow when we have everything done. Christmas Eve would be nice...

*sigh* I am now unable to think of anything to talk about. Oh, I am drinking peppermint tea. Exciting, huh? 


  1. Ohhh I love pepperment tea!! I just bought some at Harry and David at the outlet for a friend - and some for me too!!

    Come by anytime you want and pick up some snow for Christmas Even!! It's on sale!

  2. Gotta love a gal with an entrepreneurial spirit! lolol

  3. ooooh snow, would love that, but the day it snows in australia at christmas time, is the day I am a millionaire (i.e very unlikely). Though the weather is funny at the moment and quite cool instead of the usual low - high 30's at this time of year. I so would love to experience snow at christmas.

  4. One day you will come to the dark side and join us !!

  5. I'm thinking about it, Allen. I don't make these decisions lightly. ;)

  6. Peppermint tea sounds lovely and not boring at all. Would love to see you join Allan's challenge. It has been fun and helpful to me and it gives me something to focus on. Hugs.


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