Saturday, December 4, 2010

Busy Day

Hello all you fine folk. How was your Saturday? Mine was busy. I was up early, got ready, went out and ran some errands, came home and got to decorating my house. I still have more shopping to do... I need Christmas flowers, some holly and ivy and ornament hookers. (Yes, I know that they are hooks, we always called them hookers when we were kids... Why, I have no idea. lol)

I still have a lot to do. I should be rearranging my bookcase, rather than sitting here playing on my 'puter but I just need some down time. I like being busy but sometimes I just want to veg a little. :)

Food wise, this has been a really good day. I had a latte for brekkie, had three Fresco tacos from Taco Bell for lunch and dinner was salad, chicken and a big, sweet clementine. I had a sugar free dark chocolate pudding for dessert.

Have you tried the Fresco style tacos from Taco Bell? I tried them for the first time, today and they are scrummy. I had a steak and two chicken. The steak is 160 calories, the chicken were 170 each. A total of 500 calories. A little much, but since I only had a fat free, sugar free latter in the morning, I could afford the calories and I was dying, dying, I tell you for some Taco Bell. I got to satisfy my craving, stayed alive and didn't blow my day.

We were driving up to Target and there was a guy in a SUV beside us chowing down on an In-N-Out burger. I wanted to jump through his window and rip it out of his hands,  yell, "Mine!" and run away with it. Yes, I am one sick woman. And I should be heavily medicated and locked away. lol

I was putting my earrings in this morning and found that the hole in my bottom piercing (I have three in eash ear) had closed in the back. So, I did what I usually do, I just poked my earring on through. It went through with one hell of a pop and when I took that earring out to change it for another (pearls can't be worn in the shoer and so forth) that hole bled. So, now I have to keep earrings in and let it heal. It was really weird that that hole would be closed in back. I have had this piercing since I was eleven and it hasn't tried to close over in decades. I just hope it heals fast. It kinda hurts. Better not get infected...

Boy, this entry was a waste of typing. lol I think I will go wash my face and slap on a bunch of moisturiser.

Later, gators. :D


  1. eh, I liked it. I haven't tried the taco bell stuff cause I make pretty good tacos at home.
    sorry about your ear.

  2. I've had that happen with my ears before. Sometimes I push the earring through from the back. I think it gets clogged, Gross but true!

  3. Erika,
    I can relate to you ear piercing issue. My ears are pierced twice and one of my holes is closed. I've broken through it a couple of times but it is hard to leave them in to sleep so it always closes over again. Maybe I will try some studs and see if I can leave them in long enough to keep it open. Yikes!


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