Sunday, December 5, 2010


Busy day. I am tired. We got the Christmas decorations up. All except the tree, that should be going up, tomorrow. I got out ornaments and edited the number I am going to hang on my tree, this year. Last year, there were just too many. It was pretty, but getting all those ornaments on the tree, then taking them all down, wrapping them up and getting them packed away was one hell of a project.

I got housework done, except for laundry. I get to do that tomorrow. I also need to clip coupons, toss expired coupons already in my organizer and start my shopping list for next week. Oh! And I need to get to JoAnne for Christmas flowers and so forth.

Eating was good, calorie wise. I was busy and didn't even think about eating, most of the day. I had my customary two cups of coffee, this morning and next thing I knew it was after one and I was starving and dehydrated. If I am going to go a while without eating, I at least need to remember to drink. I made up for my earlier lack of chow and am ending my day just over 1300 calories. Respectable. :)

Draz, I haven't forgotten about your request over on my nail blog. I just don't have time, right at the moment. But I should be able to get to it, soon. :)

One good thing about decorating? I finally rearranged my bookcase. I have been meaning to get to it and have been putting it off. It looks pretty good, now.

Today was freakishly warm. High sixties. It is supposed to be near seventy for the next couple of days. We have windows open and ran the ceiling fan a good deal of the day. What the fuck is going on??? It is December. It is supposed to be cold. Weird, weird weather. I don't get it.

My Advil PM is kicking in so I am going to grab my book and hit the sack. I'll catch you all, tomorrow.


  1. I have been following your blog for a while but don't think I have posted. As soon as you said that it was warm. I knew you were talking about Arizona. i too live in Arizona. WE have had some REALLY cold days..Thanksgiving was AWESOME. We went for a 2 mile walk Thanksgiving morning and it was Chillyyyyyy.. I loved it! I hate have lived here my entire life and i hate the heat! I live in the valley in a small town north of Casa Grande called Maricopa.
    I have been all around prescott but have not been through Prescott. maybe when i was a child..But would love to one day.I know it's beautiful! So no snow???
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Forgive my typing i too am

  3. love the daily recap.
    I put every ornament I owned on the tree this looks full. lol.
    Have a great night.

  4. frick
    I knew I forgot something around here too...

  5. Sounds like a very productive day! I never forget to eat...NEVER!

  6. Well, I pretty much emptied our attic (or rather, my poor husband did), and I have NO CLUE where the window lights have disappeared to ... SIGH ... I'm jealous that your decorating is almost done. I'm hoping to complete mine this week. The tree goes up on Wednesday - a bit late this year.

    Warm? Well, for Pete's sake, send some heat our way! We're talking a run at record lows overnight.

    Shivering is fat-burning though, right?

  7. I swear I must be the only person in the world who hates decorating... we usually do the tree Xmas Eve around here.

  8. Sounds like a very productive time. Putting up decorations sure can motivate a person to clean....and just think of all those calories burnt while you did house work!

  9. Sounds like a great and festive day!! As tiring as holiday decorating is, it's fun!!! Have a good day!

  10. Congrats on getting (almost) everything ready for the holidays!!! We're not even close over here. :) Well, we're about 1/2 way there. But there's still so much to do!!

  11. Hi Erika! Okay so I have another blogger favor to ask of you. How do you post pictures in a tab, like your "Royal Gallery"? I know how to post pictures to a new post (I have to use Picasa though) but I don't know how to do it in a tab. If you could point me in the right direction, I will love you more than I already do! :) Oh BTW, I gave you a shout-out for all your help with Blogger in my last post. Hope that's cool!


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