Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow on the Ground, Christmas Packed Up and Water, Water Everywhere

Snow has been falling lightly and steadily for several hours, now and there is about an inch of accumulation, so far. It is a tad on the warmer side for snowfall and it is wet and some of it is melting. Great.. Now it is going to be hard to get in and out of here. *sigh* I have errands to run and I am going to stuck up here until that frakking drive is cleared and is thawed and safe. Fiddle de Frakking dee.

I decided that since Pookey was off work today that he could help me un-Christmas my house. I started by taking down the stockings,, tinsel and bows. Then the rest swiftly came down after that. Pookey ran containers up and down to the storage room and walk in closet downstairs and took the ornaments off the tree and took the tree down and packed it up for me. Then I polished furniture, Pookey did all the vacuuming. I got the dining table and chairs back into place... Thinking back on it I probably should have let my son move the table and chairs...

I am usually the one who wants to keep Christmas going until the New Year but I was just ready to have it done, this year. We can take the outdoor lights down next week, when it isn't snowing. And I still want to turn those lights on until after New Year.

I am one and a half tumblers away from my gallon of water down. In answer to a question I received in comments, drinking copious amounts of water results in peeing like a racehorse. Frequently. Especially at first. I was up several times a night to hit the toidy for a while. It was aggravating. Especially after the first few nights of getting up several (read five) times a night. But I kept drinking and my bod began to adjust. I am now going less frequently during the day. Don't get me wrong, I am still making frequent bathroom runs, but not quite as frequent as I used to. And I am not getting up as often as night. And yes, I do keep drinking into the evening and take water into my bedroom on which to slurp during the night. I usually get up once or twice during the night, now. And since I am used to doing that, anyway, it isn't that big a deal for me. However, if it really is a problem for you, just taper your water in the evening and as you adjust, you should be getting up less frequently. Just give it some time.

Patience, Grasshopper.

I am sitting here, having just finished lunch and slurping my water and resting a bit before I jump in the shower. I am leaning against a heating pad, my back is bugging me a bit. Maybe I overdid a bit. But it feels good to have fresh, clean sheets. a clean, neat house and a major project done. I just need to wait for Pookey to finish his lunch and I can fire up my dishwasher then take a nice, long, hot shower.

I wonder if I am going to post again, today. :D


  1. Post all you want, Erika. I enjoy reading. :) I'm getting my water in too. I'm a little behind today so I will have to finish up this evening.

  2. Well at least you get up to pee instead of peeing the bed! LOL

  3. I hate all the peeing, but its a necessary evil!

  4. I too hate all the peeing!!! But it comes along with all the water drinking.
    I love a clean house and I too plan to take down Christmas while Jack is home all week.

  5. I'm ready to take down xmas deco too. Usually I want to do it the day after but I was too busy freaking out about my sleep study and now that all my celebrations and get-togethers are done, it's finally time. I won't get help from Sweetie, not his department, but I bet I can talk his spawn into helping!

  6. I forgot to say . . I love the new butterfly/diamond motif you have going on!

  7. I've said it before, but you must have the cleanest house in the country. Even with your back in such horrible shape, and you suffering such severe pain, you're still working. WHY DID YOU MOVE THAT TABLE?? Sometimes you really piss me off. You do something like that again and I swear I'll come there and smack you. :~)


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