Friday, December 24, 2010

One Pound?

That's it? Down one to 308.4 this morning.


Not pleased with myself.

Oh well. As Willy Dog says, a one pound loss is better than gaining a pound. He is right. This time, last year I certainly wasn't losing a pound. I was chowing down on fudge, cookies, rich foods, boxes of chocolates. Did you know that a box of chocolates has like 11,000 calories? Horrifying, isn't it? No wonder I weighed 400+ pounds. Again. Damn. If I hadn't lost a nice pile of weight in 2008, I would have been closer to 500 pounds. Looking back, I can't believe it. Actually, I can. It is simple facts. But it freaks me out.

It is clear and cold. My realm was all covered in frost and my breath puffed out in clouds of steam when I put Sabryna out this morning.  Our storm is moving east and there are a lot of people getting all of our snow. Enjoy your white Christmas, you storm thieves. *sniff*

Speaking of Christmas...

*** Merry Christmas! ***
 Pookey is sick, this morning, He overdosed on tacos in the break room yesterday at work, ate Taco Bell for a late dinner last night and he is spending all of his time on the toilet, this morning, Poor thing. A few Pepto tablets and he should be fine. I doubt it will teach him, tho. lol

I have proof that there are lovely people in the world. Yesterday, while Pookey was out gathering carts at work, a man in a very nice pickup pulled up next to him, rolled down his window and called him over. Pookey, thinking he needed directions or other help went up to his vehicle and asked how he could help him. The man just smiled, said "Merry Christmas" and handed Pookey a fifty dollar Target gift card, rolled up his window and pulled away. What a sweet, generous random act of kindness.

I am going to drink my second cup of coffee and get started glugging water. Have a beautiful day, everyone.


  1. The vast majority of the population is gaining right now. You're doing very well. :-) Congrats on the loss!

  2. Down a pound is AWESOME! That lost pound, plus being able to put on socks and shoes with dignity? I'd say you're doing great!

  3. Down ANYTHING is awesome, Erika. I'm afraid my weigh in on Sunday may show a gain. I haven't been on top of my game and that really pisses me off at myself. Let's just get together and agree that we move on from here and try harder next week. Hugs.

  4. A loss is a loss. Celebrate it.

    You are definitely ahead of the curve. I think most of the population will gain at least a pound today.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Congrats on the loss.. ditto on everything the ladies above have said.. ;)

    And that's fabulous about the generous mystery man.. it's those people out in the world that make the crap worth going through, kinda.. :)

    Hope your hubby feels better soon..

  6. Oh God I love that story about the gift card. How nice is that?

    Merry Christmas IQ. Love you!

  7. Thank you, everyone for your encouragement. *hugs* I know that I should be happy with my loss. I am just being a brat, I guess. :S

    Sarah, Pookey is my son. Willy Dog is my husband. But Pookey is beginning to feel a little better. He took some pepto and is just drinking water, so he should be fine.

    Karen, we are all banded (in a matter of speaking ;)) together, aren't we? Cheers to all of us having great losses, every week! :D

    Thank you Draz. I love you, too. <3

  8. I hope your boy are feeling better. How great to get a nice suprise like that gift card. Wonderful! I love it when good people have good things happen!

  9. Merry Christmas Erika! And I'd be happy to lose that pound for you! LOL Have a great holiday!

  10. All this nice stuff. Are you ready to for Phase 4, I fell you just might be !!

  11. He is going to live, Lanie. He is taking Pepto and still hitting the bathroom, now and again but he is going to be fine. That'll teach him to binge on tacos. lol

    Thank you, PIP! Merry Christmas to you, too. :D

    I am ready, Allan. I think that Phase 4 might just be the thing for me. I think I need a little ass-kicking in the New Year. :D

  12. Dudess, I hear ya. WTF kind of Christmas present is one pound??? I'm pissed. Oh well.

    Polar's Mom

  13. Hey - GREAT on the pound!! It's one less that you have to deal with, right???

    Merry Christmas to you, Friend!!! Enjoy! - and thank you for sharing the terrific Christmas story!!


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