Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last BYOC of the Year!

Drazzmatazz came up with some good questions for this final BYOC of 2010.

1. Do you make a New Year’s resolution list every year? Do you meet those resolutions, forget about them or never meet them?

I don't make resolutions. I see something that needs attention and get on it or not, at the time.  For me, making resolutions is pointless and doesn't accomplish anything. 

 2. If you could delete all the songs from existence from a certain singer, who would it be?

I know that I am going to get my ass flamed for this one. lol Actually, I have two. Both irritate me equally and I feel that both are some of the most overrated hacks to ever step up to a microphone. Elvis Presley and The Beatles. I don't get them. I really don't. I hear them, I see the blind devotion paid to them by so many millions and I just ask, "Why?"

3. If you could have sex with any Superhero – who would it be?

Mmmm... It would have to be Batman. Dark, broody, tortured, cultured, compassionate, angry, sad, intelligent, witty, slightly wicked. Quite a pot full of something I'd like to stir. ^^

 4. If it was free AND unlimited – would you choose to have a cook, chauffeur, or masseuse?


5. Repeat question: Summarize your week – in real life and blogland.

I have had a halfway decent week. Eating has been better... I am getting solidly back on track and sliding into a hardcore target range for Allan's Phase Four. I got some treatment for my back and am in less pain. It snowed like a sonofabitch and I am trapped like a rat in this condo. And about ready to burn it down. I have gained some real inspiration from some terrific bloggers whom I follow and met some new ones whom I look forward to getting to know better.

So, there you have it folks. My BYOC.

In other news, if one could call it that, today is going well. I did a New Year's mani, (pics on my nail blog) did a little housework, ran far too much heat and didn't get a whole lot accomplished, otherwise. It was just one of those days. lol

We are going to celebrate New Year's Eve like we always do, in our jammies, munching on stuff while watching Kathy Griffin make Anderson Cooper blush and sputter. Then watch the ball drop in New York. Say, I have a question for anyone who has done the ball drop in Times Square; if you have to get a place in the crowd so early and you aren't allowed to leave for any reason (even to use the bathroom) or give up your spot, do you like... wear Depends, or something? Have a Foley and a bag? Just piss all down your legs and enjoy the temporary warmth until the numbing cold freezes it? I saw on TV people were getting their spots in the late morning, New York time and I wondered how these people cope with that particular situation.

I will probably eat soup and toast, my traditional New Year's Eve munch. I don't know how that tradition got started. I really don't. But the fact remains that I eat chicken noodle soup and toast every New Year's Eve. lol This year it will be a toasted sandwich thin sprayed with buttery spray, not a pile of white toast soaked in melted butter, but the spirit will be the same. :D

I hope that you all have a very happy New Year. Those of you partying with boozy substances, be sure to call a cab or have a designated driver or crash at a friend's house, mmmkay? I want to see all of you, in the New Year. <3

It was colder than a witch's lunch bucket today. It never got up past the mid twenties. At one this afternoon, it was 19 degrees, with a windchill of 8. Frakking brrr! It is too cold, folks. Waaay too cold.

Okay, I must run along. I need to pee. Damned water, anyway. lol

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ugh! Moar Snow!

So, it snowed some more. And now we are even more socked in, up here. I am never getting out. lol Trapped in mounds of snow. Forever. Truly an Ice Queen.

Bwahahaha! Drama, much? :P

It is going to be a pain for a day or three, but the temps are supposed to be up to fifty, in a couple of days, so this snow is going to melt away, fast and life will return to normal. :)

I took more pictures. And yes, I am going to torture you with them because this is my blog and I can. ^^

 Backyard. Deeper in.

 When there is no snow, there is a patio and a drop off to the ground, below. It is a foot at the wall, less by the tree.

 Sabryna in the snow. 

 Drop off? What drop off?

 The driveway, even more deeply covered, now.

 Between the drive and the slope is a high curb. All that is visible of that curb is a slight, long bump in the snow. 

 I am never getting out of here... lol

My little view of a bit of Prescott

About caffeine and water? Personally, I think that I need more water to make up for the additional fluid loss from the natural diuretic in coffee. The coffee I drink and all the water I am drinking definitely help keep the puff down. It never really goes away, entirely... I have hopes that as I lose more weight, it will resolve and I will not have to worry about it, anymore. Or at least as much. 

My chow is on track and I am right on pace with my water. My last load of laundry is in my dryer. Maybe I can just rest my back, this afternoon.

Okay, I am chattered out, now. Thank heaven, huh?  :P

Do Not Want!

Snow. Ugh. Do not want. We only got a few inches, but we are up on a steep hill and even a little snow means we are snowed in. It is unsafe to drive down our driveway, even in Willy Dog's four wheel drive work truck. He had to call a co worker to come pick him up, this morning. Pookey had to walk into work. I hope it clears up, the sun comes out and this shit melts. Fast.

It wouldn't be so bad, if we didn't live up on this fucking hill. I hate this hill. I really hate it a lot. *sniff* I have running around and shopping to get done. We need stuff, we live in town. In Town. And we are trapped. Blech!

Pictures. Lots of pictures. Because misery loves company. ^^ :P

 Footprints outside my back door.

 My grill. My poor widdle grill. All covered with a pile of snow. 

 My backyard. Can you see Sabryna's paw prints. She didn't stay out there long! lol

 Snowy fakealoo tree on my front deckony.

 Drive and Willy Dog's truck's nose. 

 Drive and trees and a neighbouring home. The slope is the drive down to the frontage road and the pic doesn't show just how nasty it is.

 My footprints on my deckony. Yes, I have big feet. But, in my defense, the hard soled slippers I was wearing are too big... So there. :P

 Another look at the driveway.

 And another.

 As you can see by this shot, the snow isn't really very deep. But the wind blew like a somebitch all night and drifted it and is still blowing and drifting it and made the drive into a hazard. So, the big, four wheel drive truck sits and languishes. 

 Drive to the left... I think this shows a little better just how truly steep that drive really is. 

  Backyard, through my window. 

 And again. The white you see is blowing snow.

 More backyard. 

 Ponderosa pine outside my kitchen window. Taken from my dining room window.

 Snow through a window with snow blown and frozen on it. 

And again. :D

 Mini rant: Why do morning news shows pan the crowds of screaming, yelling idiot people hanging around outside the studio? Hang out with them? And why do those morons hang out out there and yell and scream wave their stupid signs and rudely interrupt the news people? So stupid. They need to get rid of all of those idiots. Seriously. I can't stand to watch a network news show because of those morons.

Okay, debate time, kiddies. I hear one medical expert say that coffee, even caffeinated counts in your hydration totals. Another says no, it dehydrates and you have to drink more water for every cup of coffee to make up for it. Who is right? Discuss. :D

The sun is shining in my back window. It is supposed to hide soon and the snow is supposed to start back up. I hope that The Weather Channel is wrong. Rain would be better. It would wash away all of this stupid snow.

Okay, I am going to finish my coffee, continue with my laundry and start glugging my daily allotment of water, have brekkie and take my BP med. I'll see all you fine, furry folk, later. Stay warm, if it is cold in your neck of the woods. If you live in Australia and are basking in Summer, I officially hate you. A little bit. ;)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

He. He.

I just had to come back in and natter a little more.

I have decided to join in on Allan's Phase Four. The hardcore, balls to the wall approach appeals to me. I like a challenge. :D  And, let's face it... The fact that, if I stay on track I could weigh in at or close to 249 pounds by May First is rather seductive. Somehow I got sucked into participating in the last little bit of Phase Three... How that happened, I am not sure. lol I don't mind, tho. It is giving me incentive to get on track and get ready for Phase Four. I am taking this time to slide into the rhythm of 1200 calories and enough water to float a battleship, every day. As soon as my back is up to it, I will also hit the road, again. Hopefully, right about the time this snow melts and the sidewalks are safe, my back will be up to it, again.

Whew! Listen to that wind! Golly, I love a good storm. I prefer rain to snow... But a storm is a storm. It includes lots of clouds and that makes me happy. :D

Calories are in just under 1200, water is down. So, on track, today. I had a great day yesterday, as well. Feels good. Really good. I know that I am not going to hit 300 or less by New Year's Day. My own fault. I made the choices that slowed me down. I take responsibility. I have to live with the consequences. And the disappointment in that and in myself. Not a poor me. Just the facts. :)

I am dangerously close to 300, tho. I will have to decide what I am going to wear in my next set of progress pics. I am finally beginning to see a difference when I look int the mirror. (I have massive fat goggles... This is huge, for me!) I am kind of interested to see how I come out in photos. Maybe I should wait to lose an additional ten pounds. Because they say the camera adds ten pounds... :P ^^

Okay, I am going to grab some more water, hit the loo and get a good night's sleep I am still running on a huge deficit.

Oh, and Hope, if I move more furniture before my back is back up to snuff, I invite you to come smack me around.

Goodnight, lovebugs. Sleep tight and stay warm.

Snow on the Ground, Christmas Packed Up and Water, Water Everywhere

Snow has been falling lightly and steadily for several hours, now and there is about an inch of accumulation, so far. It is a tad on the warmer side for snowfall and it is wet and some of it is melting. Great.. Now it is going to be hard to get in and out of here. *sigh* I have errands to run and I am going to stuck up here until that frakking drive is cleared and is thawed and safe. Fiddle de Frakking dee.

I decided that since Pookey was off work today that he could help me un-Christmas my house. I started by taking down the stockings,, tinsel and bows. Then the rest swiftly came down after that. Pookey ran containers up and down to the storage room and walk in closet downstairs and took the ornaments off the tree and took the tree down and packed it up for me. Then I polished furniture, Pookey did all the vacuuming. I got the dining table and chairs back into place... Thinking back on it I probably should have let my son move the table and chairs...

I am usually the one who wants to keep Christmas going until the New Year but I was just ready to have it done, this year. We can take the outdoor lights down next week, when it isn't snowing. And I still want to turn those lights on until after New Year.

I am one and a half tumblers away from my gallon of water down. In answer to a question I received in comments, drinking copious amounts of water results in peeing like a racehorse. Frequently. Especially at first. I was up several times a night to hit the toidy for a while. It was aggravating. Especially after the first few nights of getting up several (read five) times a night. But I kept drinking and my bod began to adjust. I am now going less frequently during the day. Don't get me wrong, I am still making frequent bathroom runs, but not quite as frequent as I used to. And I am not getting up as often as night. And yes, I do keep drinking into the evening and take water into my bedroom on which to slurp during the night. I usually get up once or twice during the night, now. And since I am used to doing that, anyway, it isn't that big a deal for me. However, if it really is a problem for you, just taper your water in the evening and as you adjust, you should be getting up less frequently. Just give it some time.

Patience, Grasshopper.

I am sitting here, having just finished lunch and slurping my water and resting a bit before I jump in the shower. I am leaning against a heating pad, my back is bugging me a bit. Maybe I overdid a bit. But it feels good to have fresh, clean sheets. a clean, neat house and a major project done. I just need to wait for Pookey to finish his lunch and I can fire up my dishwasher then take a nice, long, hot shower.

I wonder if I am going to post again, today. :D

Good Morning

I'll tell ya, it is amazing what a reduction in pain and a good night's sleep can do for a girl. I feel a lot better. And rested. I am still moving carefully, not lifting or hefting anything heavy, and hanging with my heating pad. I am doing a little chore here, a bit of whatever there. I am going to give myself the best chance to heal. And be able to get back on the road. I want to walk, dammit!

It is supposed to start snowing, later. Today and tomorrow is predicted to bring an accumulation between four and six inches. Then the next few days are supposed to be really cold. Blargh! I need the snow to melt. Fast! And go. away. Snow is all pretty and ooooh! ahhh! for about five minutes. Then it is just a major pain in the ass. Especially if you live on the side of a frakking hill. :P

Okay, I need to run. I have to pee like a racehorse (yes, that is one of my favourite things to say, how did you guess? :P) I am being a good girl and drinking all my water, and I need to put my sheets in my dryer. And quickly mend the little tear I found in my featherbed.  Damned cat, anyway.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Might Just Live, Afterall

Thank you, my dear friends for your concern and lovely messages and gentle hugs. I am overwhelmed and appreciate them so much. <3

So, I dragged my carcass into the shower, washed my manky hair and brushed my choppers. Later, hair dry, minimal makeup on and dressed in comfy warmies, it was off to the urgent care. I was first in line. Stood, shivering, teeth chattering out in the cold for twenty minutes but I didn't have to wait once I got in there. When the nurse took my vitals, it turned out that my blood pressure was sky high. 193/108. Yikes! I haven't had blood pressure like that since I was pregnant with my son.

First thing the doc did was chew my ass out, very nicely, about my BP. Then he asked me about my back, poked the shit out of it, scraped me off the ceiling and told me that I had tendinitis in my upper shoulder and back and inflammation of the tendons and muscle sheaths. He gave me an injection of Toradol and a blood pressure pill. My pressure came down a lot, then the doc gave me injections of steroids and a long lasting local into my back and my pressure went right back up. Urgh! So, Now I am on BP meds until further notice. As soon as I can, I am getting off of them. I hate stuff like that.

Anyhoozle, The pain level in my back is down from torturous to pretty frakking irritating. A huge improvement. I am ordered to stay quiet, keep heat on it and expect the steroids to take a little time to fully do their job. Until they do, Mama has a little Vicodin to help with the pain and to help me sleep for the next couple of nights. Hopefully, these injections will get the job done and this nastiness will be behind me.

Now, I have to go find a primary care doc. *sigh* Fo shizz. No more screwing around, I guess. Time to dive head first into "having a doctor". :P

I am behaving myself with food and drinking my water. In the interest of staying quiet, I am cutting back to three and a half quarts. Actually, that is all the drinking water I have on hand at the moment and I am not exactly feeling up to filling and lugging jugs. I'll fill in with Crystal Light and still get in my fluid requirements, today.

I am so sleepy. I want to go crawl into bed and fall into a deep, dreamless sleep for a awhile. I am going to stay up until tonight and, hopefully sleep like a log. Until then, I am sitting here with my back against the heating pad, watching Nora Robert's High Noon I recorded to my DVR on LMN. The movie is okay. The book was tons better. Yes, I like Nora Roberts books and LMN. Sue me. :P :D

Okay, I think I am chatted out, for now. Have a terrific, on plan  rest of your day, loves.

I Can't Stand This, Anymore

I am heading to the doctor, later this morning. My back is getting worse. I can't sit, I can't stand, I can't lie down. Trying to sleep is torture. I think I slept three hours, broken, last night. Just a little more the nights before. I am exhausted and I hurt so much that I feel like throwing up. Advil, Aleve, hot showers, heating pad, stretching... Nothing gives me any relief. I tried to tough it out and see if this would resolve on it's own but it simply isn't going to.

Showering, washing and drying my hair, getting my face on and getting dressed should be a lot of fun, this morning.


I want my mommy.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

On Track and Feeling Fine


Calories for the day: 1120. Water slurped: 4+ quarts. No walk.

I slept funny the other night and when I woke up, I knew that I was going to be in for some trouble. I have done this, before and it always results in a major painful spot that takes a while to work out and stop hurting. This is day three and it is really rolling right along. I either kinked a muscle or pinched a nerve, or something. Whatever it is, Gah! Advil, Aleve, hot showers, nothing makes a dent in it. I may have to break down and see a doc if it doesn't ease up, soon.

Other than that, not a whole lot to natter about, right at the moment. I am tired and I hope that I can sleep, tonight. I wish I had some Advil PM to knock me out.

I'll see you all int he morning. :)

It's Over!

Another Christmas is in the books. I can relax a little, let my guard down and know that I no longer have to ride the "It's the holidays and I can eat anything I want, because it is" monster, anymore. New Year's Eve doesn't count. We are such party animals on that night. I always have soup and toast for dinner that night, we watch the ball drop in New York and we are all out like lights, snoring, long before Midnight, local time. So no worries, there. lol

I finished yesterday at 1900 calories and four+ quarts of water down. I intended to land in a lower calorie range. I allowed myself to snack a bit and forgot to log as I did and the pretzels got a little out of hand.  That big mug of sugar free cocoa doctored with some fat free 1/2 and 1/2 and a little Redi-Whip didn't help. :P




Moving on,

I love my Christmas decorations and never take them down before New Year but today I have the insane urge to get it all down and put away. I won't, but I might do it on Wednesday. Pookey is off and can help me haul containers up and down and I can have everything but the outdoor lights down and packed away before Willy Dog gets home from work that day. Then next weekend, I can just concentrate on the Big Mid Winter Clean and Rearrange and  not worry about taking down decorations, too. Something to think about.

I am mildly sore from yesterday's walk, but not too bad. I expected worse, considering how much I haven't been walking, lately. And I am pleased at how well I did, yesterday and how great I feel, today. I need to get out again, today. If Willy Dog's foot is hurting him too much, I'll just go by myself. Sissy girl, has a widdle blister.

I am so cold hearted. :P

Okay, I have to run. My water is making it's presence known in my bladder. I'll be back later to read any updated blogs.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Earned My Christmas Dinner, Today

Hello dearlings. I hope that you are having/had a fabulous Christmas.

Mine was nice, tho busy. Housework, tons of laundry, Willy Dog did a little repair work on the TV stand and hooked the DVD player back up, I cooked dinner. Pookey cleaned up and loaded the dishwasher. 

I decided that I needed to get some exercise and earn my Christmas dinner so I insisted that we go for a nice walk, today. After the housework was done and the dinner was in the oven, we all laced on our walking shoes and piled in the Jeep and went out to the lake and took a good, hard three mile walk on Kickass Trail. Amey, I thought about you, while we were out there. :) It felt good to get out there and really work the old legs. There were a lot of people out there, people alone and in pairs on bicycles, walking dogs, walking kids, large group families walking dogs and kids. I guess a lot of people had the same idea... Work off or earn some of that Christmas dinner. :D It was a gorgeous day for a walk, warm enough for short sleeves with a breeze to keep one from getting overheated. Lovely. I am not even all that mad that it didn't snow.

I ran a little bit, today. Granted, it was on a down slope  and only for about a minute, but I did it. It felt good and I did much better than I did last Summer when I made an attempt. I wasn't shuffling, barely lifting my feet, barely moving forward. This time I actually put on a little speed, got my feet up and really moving. Unfortunately it hurt my poor hip. I still need to get more bulk off my frame before I am going to be able to run, again. But I know that I can. And I feel really proud of myself for trying it, again and actually doing it. :D

I am sitting at just over 1200 calories, including dinner for the day. I may have a  sugar free cocoa, later and maybe a sugar free pudding or some popcorn.  We'll see what I am in the mood for. Right now, I am still stuffed from dinner. I have just one more big tumbler to get my full four quarts of water down, not counting the 16 ounce bottle I took with me when I went to the lake.

Okay, I have to pee like a racehorse and check on the laundry. You know.. I don't think I am ever going to finish. I am waiting for Willy Dog to take his shower so that I can do up the last load of whites. *sigh* I wish he would get up off the sofa and do that. Dangit! I want to just get it done so that I don't have to hassle with it for a few days. It isn't as if he hasn't seen Home Alone 2 before. Fifty thousand times, before. :P

Merry Christmas

I hope that all of you who celebrate are having a beautiful and happy holiday. For those of you who don't, I hope that you are having a great day.

My little family is having a quiet day. Willy Dog (husband person) is on the sofa chomping potato chips and sharing them with the dog, I am on my puter, slugging water and having just had my morning oatmeal, Pookey (son person) is sleeping in and recovering from yesterday's intestinal distress. He was eating like a horse by evening, so I imagine he is going to be just fine. lol Ah, the cast iron stomach of youth... :P

It is sunny and crisp this morning but it is supposed to warm up later and feel downright Spring-like. A high around 60 or 61.

I am making a roast beast for Christmas dinner, complete with potatoes and carrots and gravy all cooked together in the same pan. I am eating light today and saving my calories for dinner. Yes, I know that is not a good thing to do, but I don't do it often. So... I think I am allowed, today. :D

Okay, I have some housework to do and I need to run my dishwasher and start my laundry. Even on Christmas the housework doesn't stop. :P

Have a fabulous day,  and remember, " A moment on the lips, forever on the hips".

Friday, December 24, 2010

One Pound?

That's it? Down one to 308.4 this morning.


Not pleased with myself.

Oh well. As Willy Dog says, a one pound loss is better than gaining a pound. He is right. This time, last year I certainly wasn't losing a pound. I was chowing down on fudge, cookies, rich foods, boxes of chocolates. Did you know that a box of chocolates has like 11,000 calories? Horrifying, isn't it? No wonder I weighed 400+ pounds. Again. Damn. If I hadn't lost a nice pile of weight in 2008, I would have been closer to 500 pounds. Looking back, I can't believe it. Actually, I can. It is simple facts. But it freaks me out.

It is clear and cold. My realm was all covered in frost and my breath puffed out in clouds of steam when I put Sabryna out this morning.  Our storm is moving east and there are a lot of people getting all of our snow. Enjoy your white Christmas, you storm thieves. *sniff*

Speaking of Christmas...

*** Merry Christmas! ***
 Pookey is sick, this morning, He overdosed on tacos in the break room yesterday at work, ate Taco Bell for a late dinner last night and he is spending all of his time on the toilet, this morning, Poor thing. A few Pepto tablets and he should be fine. I doubt it will teach him, tho. lol

I have proof that there are lovely people in the world. Yesterday, while Pookey was out gathering carts at work, a man in a very nice pickup pulled up next to him, rolled down his window and called him over. Pookey, thinking he needed directions or other help went up to his vehicle and asked how he could help him. The man just smiled, said "Merry Christmas" and handed Pookey a fifty dollar Target gift card, rolled up his window and pulled away. What a sweet, generous random act of kindness.

I am going to drink my second cup of coffee and get started glugging water. Have a beautiful day, everyone.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Major NSV!

For anyone who is or has ever been very heavy, something as simple as putting on your shoes and tying them, applying cream to your feet, whatever can be difficult. Extremely difficult as the bulk in your stomach and legs makes it impossible to accomplish these tasks in a normal fashion.

I am a good example of this. For years and years, I had to sit on my bed, turn to the side, hitch a leg up to the side and strain to reach my foot. At my heaviest, this even was almost impossible. Seriously, I was almost to the point where I wasn't going to be able to put my own shoes and socks on. Never mind taking care of my feet or doing a pedicure. It sucked. And it horrified me to think that I might have to ask my husband to put my socks and shoes on me. Talk about humiliation.

Last week, I sat down to put on my socks and shoes and I started to turn to the side and hitch my leg up as "normal" when I decided to try just bringing my leg up and balancing it on the other one. You know... Like normal people can do. And ya know what? I could! I can! I can put my shoes and socks on like a normal person. I can sit down and put moisturiser on my feet and my night socks on without having to turn to the side, hitch up one leg, do one foot, then put my leg down, stand up, turn in the other direction, sit, turn to that side, hitch my other frakking leg up to the side and repeat.

It was exhausting. Hell, I am exhausted just writing about it! It was demoralizing. I didn't dare attempt to go into a store and try on shoes. After all, they don't have big beds I could do my turn and hitch and turn and hitch routine on. Besides, that wasn't anything I wanted anyone in public to ever see me doing. Shit, I didn't even want my family to see me doing it. I made sure that my husband and son were never, ever in the room when I was putting my socks and shoes on.

Now, I can go and shop for and try on shoes in a store. No humiliation. I might still be fat, and that isn't the prettiest thing to see all contorted to do the shoe thing, but at least I can do it normally. Yeah, baby!

My hips and thighs are not too terribly happy about this new ability of mine. I have done it the other way for so long that my body has adjusted to it. And putting my legs up front causes some discomfort and shaking. Less, the more I do it. Several times a day, I sit down, bring my leg up on the other, pull it up as much as I can with my hands and hold, stretching my muscles and getting my joints used to doing it the right way, again. I imagine it will take a little time for my bod to adjust fully. Until then, I will just keep working at making it easier and more natural. Kind of like my own form of homespun physical therapy. lol

Good Lord it feels good to do such a simple "little" thing, again. And maybe... One day, I will actually be able do it without having to tell myself to. And that I can.

I suppose I should go take my rollers out of my hair and finish getting ready, now.

A Better Day, Today

I am more in control, on track and drinking my water. All in all, a good day is brewing. It is now post lunch and I am sitting at 591 calories and about three quarts of water. I no longer count coffee as fluid intake. The caffeine acts as a diuretic, canceling the water in it so coffee is an extra, not hydration. That said, I am not giving up my coffee. lol

It is another chilly day, 42 degrees and mostly cloudy. It rained a lot, last night then changed over to a wet, slushy light snow. We woke to a dusting this morning and it is pretty much gone, now. Good thing... I need to run a few errands later and we are planning to go out and cruise around and look at Christmas lights tonight.

Okay, I need to go. I still have to shower and get myself pulled together. I'll see all of you lovely people, later. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Are we buying this shit?

Look, I get that pesticides and sugar and HFCS are not good for us. Certain chemicals can be harmful to our bodies. Sugar, especially in large quantities cause weight gain, no question. But, do chemicals, dubbed Obesogens by some "experts" cause us to gain weight? Can we really blame chemicals and sugars for the change in our very way of thinking? Can we place at the doorsteps of these substances our bad behaviours and weight gain? Do chemicals and sugars actually go in and change us?

Are plastic containers making us fat? Are nonstick pans so profoundly damaging us that we are getting bigger and bigger? Is my nail polish causing me to not burn fat?

I'm not buying it. Not entirely. As I have said before, many chemicals and too much sugar are doubtless harmful but I don't think that it is healthy or smart to blame chemicals and sugar for the changes in our thinking, our behaviours. I blame myself. I allowed myself to abuse food as a reaction to external stressors. Plastic water bottles, HFCS and nail polish didn't make me do this. I made me do this.

Blaming chemicals and sugar for our obesity, placing the blame for our lousy eating patterns on these substances is dangerous. It is the Twinkie Defense in a fat brown wrapper. And if it becomes widespread "wisdom" it is going to do a lot of harm.

I didn't eat very well, yesterday. In fact, I would guess that my calorie level was pretty shitty. And it wasn't because I use plastic containers in my microwave or wear nail polish. It is because I made bad food choices of my very own volition. And I am choosing to make better choices, today.

I try to cut down on nasty chemicals as much as I can and I am not eating near the amount of sugar and HFCS I used to consume. I believe that these steps will help to enhance my health. But they won't "cure" my obesity. Only I can do this, by eating right, exercising, hydrating and working on the way my head and body work together.

I didn't eat as I should have, yesterday but I did get my water in. I didn't consume enough calories to gain weight. But I certainly did have enough to put a dent in my progress. I still have a lot of work to do. And I still have to repeat the lesson to myself that food isn't a drug, comfort, a friend, a lover or a way to amuse myself. It is fuel. Full stop. And to use it for any other purpose is abuse of myself, disrespect of who I am as a person and just plain stupid.

Obesogenes notwithstanding.

I have a load of laundry in the dryer and my house is clean. I got to polish furniture, this morning. Wheee! Sooo much fun, eh? It is chilly, cloudy and rainy, still. Tho it will be clearing my Friday and it is supposed to be sunny and sixty degrees on Christmas. Nice. The damned storm couldn't wait a couple of days, give us some clouds on Christmas, for a change? I am so sick of sunny Christmas days, I want rain, snow and nastiness. And I want it this year! *stamps foot and flounces off*

Okay, I need to wrap this borefest up, now. I have to pee and I want to read what you are all up to.

Later, dearlings.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Teakettle Found

Willy Dog found me a nice teakettle at, of all places, Fry's. It is a Kitchen Aid, red enamel, 1.5 quart, great whistle and the flipper lifter thingy in the handle so that I don't burn my little feenors. It was on sale and he got a discount because Pookey works at that store, so it was a good deal, too. I am happily boiling and pouring, once again and a little thing is right in my realm.

Yesterday's calories were acceptable... 1545. Could have done better but not a disaster. I drank almost all of my water, too. I am riding the Puff Monster pretty hard, right now. *sigh* I am responsible for it... I didn't keep my feet up as much as I should have, let myself have a bit too much salt, again and slacked on my water a couple of days. So I am in scramble and slurp mode. I don't like the Puff Monster. I dislike being puffy. I want the puff to go away. I think that getting more weight off will help. Lord, I hope it will help. I'll tell ya, I am at the point where I am thinking about talking to a doc about water pills. And I am not big on taking stuff. But if water pills would banish the bloat, I would be ready to change that.

Call the waaahmbulance. I am whiny, today. :P

I am going to make spaghetti squash with meatless "meat" sauce for dinner for Pookey and me. Willy Dog will make Icky Willy Chili. Gag me. How he can eat that shit is far beyond me. *shudder*

Okay, housework is done up and the rest of the day is mine. My big plan for the day is to hang out, cruise the webz and take a shower, later. I also need to keep searching for foundation. If primer doesn't solve my current issues with mineral foundation, I am going to have to find a liquid or creme. Something affordable, fair, neutral,  buildable medium coverage that is weightless and I can't feel on my skin, gives a smooth, poreless finish and is moisturising and most important, doesn't contain even a hint of chemical sunscreen. There are plenty that may meet those criteria, except for being affordable. Fifty plus dollars in my book isn't affordable and everything available in the drugstores is full of sunblock. Gah! 

I'll find something. It is out there. I just need to kiss a few frogs on my way to the HG.

Thank the Goddess that blogger automatically saves everything we write as we write it .I accidentally  smoothed my hand across my touch pad  and all of a sudden I am on my dashboard and my post is gone. Yikes1 I thought for a second that I had lost all my babbling and ranting and whining. And that would have been a true shame, indeed.

Okay, so I think I am done blathering, for the moment.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sugar Free Caramel Coffee

Easy-peasy. Make your coffee of choice. Add some fat free half and half and Torani sugar free caramel syrup to taste, stir and enjoy. :D

I haven't made it a secret that I drink instant coffee. Hey, it really isn't that bad, once you get used to it. And I also slurp a lot of tea. I need a teakettle. I had to trash my most recent one because it was full of lime scale and was falling apart. So yesterday, the hunt was on. Time to buy a new one. I searched all over this piece of shit crap cow pattiy kicking bullshit podunk hell town for a good teakettle. I finally found some at Ross. The first store I wanted to try, the last one I got to. No other stores had any that were pretty and affordable. Dillard's had two, a Le Cruset.... Yeah, No. Not for seventy bucks. And a Paula Deen brand kettle. Uh, how many ways can I say Oh Hell No! My last teakettle was her brand and it was a piece of shit. On a stick. I will never buy anything that broad endorses.

So, I finally found the kettle I wanted at Ross. It was a thing of beauty. 1.8 quart, high, arched handle, the little spout cover lever in the handle so that I don't have to risk burning my little digits. And shiny! So, so shiny. I was in love. When I got it home, I gave it a good wash, dried it and filled it up with fresh, cold water and went to put it on my stove. And discovered, to my horror that it leaks! Where the body meets the bottom it isn't sealed properly.

Shit! Now that one has to go back and I have to get something else. *sigh* Back to boiling my coffee and tea water in a small open pot.

We also went all over creation looking for a new microwave. There wasn't one microwave that we liked at a decent price in this entire hellhole of a town. I guess we will have to go to the frakking Valley?

I hate Prescott! Hate it here. Not only do I hate this stupid town, I hate the way that there is nothing decent here, I can't find what I want and need and...

Gah! I just hate it here!

Okay. Rant over.

Food yesterday was good. I ended up just over 1400 calories.

Food is good today, too. I am also back to slugging water like a crazy woman. My poor little ankles are really puffy.

I am watching the Survivor Finale. Just a note, Holly; "stragical", like "stratigary" is not a word.

Laundry day, today. I am ears deep in four loads and I need to go get one out of my dryer, right now. And then I want my lunch. I am hongry.

I'll be back later to read your blogs and maybe yap a bit more, later.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blah, Blah, Blah

And yadda, yadda.

I need to get running, this morning. But I wanted to pop in really quick and say hey. Yesterday was okay. 1875 calories... A little higher than I like but not disastrous and I drank a lot more water. I am puffy from salt, tho. Blech.

I am slurping a big mug of sugar free caramel coffee then it is off to the shower for me.

May I go back to bed, now?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Caturday Morning

Good morning, kittens. How is everyone this fine Saturday morning? Well, I hope.

All is well here. For the most part. My son has another cold and is pissy and whiny. I am about to knock him in the head. He is as bad as his father when he gets sick. Look, I feel for him. I really do. But he is a grown up and he just has to suck it up, take his cold medicine and power through it. That is what we do when we are adults.

That and track down the plague spreading asshole who gave this virus to him and kill them before they spread it to me. If I get sick, someone is going to have to die. :P

I am drinking my morning coffee and am well on my way to getting my water down, too. I am not going anywhere, today so I can drink, drink, drink until I float. I think I will have an eggy scramble with mushrooms for brekkie, today. I am in the mood for protein, rather than oatmeal.

My head isn't too bad, this morning. I think my latest blow has finally calmed down a bit. Maybe I'll get a few easy days before the next one comes charging in. No haloing, so far. Keeping my fingers crossed...

Okay, time to go refill my big plastic water tumbler. And then peruse the blogs. See what all you fine people are up to, this morning.

Later, gators.

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Pretty Okay Day

Calories are good. I am just under 1200 calories. I am not well hydrated, tho. I had to go out and do some shopping and didn't want to spend the whole time running from bathroom to bathroom so I didn't drink my water. I have had a couple of big lattes (fat free, sugar free) and a couple of big glasses of Crystal Light and a big glass of water, so I am not bone dry. But I will be slurping like a maniac, tomorrow.

I have more shopping to do Sunday. I need to hit WalMart, Sears, the mall... So much to get done. I don't mind it, tho. It gets me out of the house and out and about.

It was grey and chilly, today. No rain or snow but still a lovely day. It is cold tonight and supposed to get colder. I wonder if we will get any snow. I hope not, we have a busy weekend ahead and snow is a pain in the ass when we have to get out and get stuff done. Our driveway is supersteep and a real hazard when snowy.  It can snow when we have everything done. Christmas Eve would be nice...

*sigh* I am now unable to think of anything to talk about. Oh, I am drinking peppermint tea. Exciting, huh? 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Current Weight

309.4, down 4.8 from my last scale session. I last weighed two weeks ago, but I believe that the bulk of this loss happened in this last week.

Stay on track. Lose weight.

What a concept.

It is rainy and cold, this morning. Dark and grey and just beautiful. I have a cup of tea and two huge tumblers of water beside me and I think it is going to be a pretty good day.

I hope that your day shapes up great. And, if you are weighing, today that you have good news.

Later. :D

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Five Quarts

Five frakking quarts of water, today.

It is getting less painful and I am running to the bathroom a little less often. Which is good. For a while there I was afraid I would wear away my undercarriage, with all the peeing and wiping. lol

Only one cup of coffee and no Crystal Light, today. What is wrong with me? This is so unlike me. 

Calories are good, as well. 1285.

I seem to be back on track. I feel calmer and more in control and not as if I am going to eat the house down. *huge sigh of relief*

I think I am going to hit the sack. I am tired and maybe my head will not be so bad in the morning. I can only hope... :P

Another Day in Paradise

It is dark, grey day. My favourite kind of day. I have my tree lights and the lights around my mantel and overmantel on, lending a little sparkle to my otherwise cozily dim house. It was raining lightly earlier when I took my dog out. Sadly, this won't last... It is supposed to clear up by tomorrow. *sigh* I think I need to move to the Pacific Northwest. It is cloudy and rainy and lovely there most of the time.

I have glugged down three quarts of water, so far. Not including my morning coffee or the herb tea I am about to slurp. Food is nicely in hand, as well. The whole extreme water thing is getting a little easier, every day.

My head is bad, today. It started yesterday and steadily ramped up into a full blow. I am not happy, right now and the dim light in here is soothing.

Boring stuff, I have going today. Laundry and housework. Nothing else to yap about, really.

I wish I could pull fascinating subjects out of the back of my head and write long, insightful posts about them. :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Can Haz Ankle Bones

Hello chickens. How is everyone? All is well, here. I have been up to my usual tricks. Housework and so forth. I am also keeping up my water intake and I made an interesting discovery, today. I have bones in my ankles.

Who knew?

I have spent so many years with puffy ankles that I rarely ever see/saw the bones that reside there. Especially in my left ankle, which is by far my worst ankle. My swelling isn't completely gone and I doubt it will be until I get a significantly higher amount of weight off. Hell, it might be with me, in some way or other for the rest of my life. But it is better. So. Much. Better. Drinking the water and keeping my feet up as much as I can. Fabulous. :D

I slugged about five quarts of water, today. Only one cup of coffee, one mug of sugar free cocoa and no Crystal Light. Not too shabby. Do I need five quarts of water? Is three enough? Four? I don't know that I can sustain five, especially on days when I have to be out and about. I mean, really, spending all of my time running from bathroom to bathroom isn't my idea of a terrific day out. But on days I am home... Definitely doable.

Food is good... I am in under 1500 for the day. I wanted to be closer to 1200 but I am still in my target range so, good enough. I would be lower if I hadn't decided to indulge in a big mug of cocoa. I used sugar free, but made it with two packets, added a quarter cup of fat free half and half and a little swirl of Reddi-Whip. About 200 calories. Not my best decision, today. Not catastrophic, but not a disaster. Definitely treat material, not for every day.

I have the finale of The Biggest Loser recording. I need to stay clear of Yahoo and so forth until I watch it. I had the finale of The Amazing Race spoiled for me. I have it stashed on my DVR and was going to watch it, tomorrow then I saw the result on the Yahoo page. Shit! I will still watch it. 'Cause I love it.

Is anyone else bugging over how fast this month is passing? Before you know it, it is going to be the New Year.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere

I am up to closing in on a gallon of water and a glass of Crystal Light. Food is going well, too.

It was a sunny, warm day. It got up into the low seventies. I can't believe this weather. It is weird, for this part of the state, this time of year. I am worried that it is going to be eighty degrees on Christmas. lol A white Christmas would have been lovely. We haven't had one. All the years we lived down in Peeples Valley it would snow up here on Christmas Eve, it was gorgeous. We move up here and... Nothing. It is usually sunny, dry and blah.

The weather gods hate me. That is all there is to it. lol

I had lots of fun doing housework. Dusting, vacuuming, cleaning and so on. Oh, my pants are about to fall off.. I guess it is time to retire these old things, once and for all before I end up standing in the middle of my living room with my pants around my ankles.

I think I will call that an NSV.

All this water is making my body happier. I am not puffy and I never feel thirsty. And, the constant runs to the bathroom have slowed a little. I think I am adjusting to my increased fluid intake. And my lower calorie intake. I am trying to prevent myself from sliding back up, up, up. Letting myself get away with 1600, then 1700, higher... And justifying it and telling myself it is okay, just that once. Uh... No. It isn't. It isn't okay to allow myself to get out of control and eat too much. Not now. Not ever. I have to make this not only my way, now but my way, always. I have to make it a way of life, not "just losing weight".

When I do get to goal I will have to accept that it will be a lifetime job to stay on top of my eating and stay in maintenance. I will never be able to let this go.  I will never be "done". This is for the rest of my life. So I might as well get used to it.

Quiet, right now. Pookey is at work until midnight and Willy Dog hasn't got home, yet. I love the rare quiet evenings like this, with the house quiet, the Christmas lights on and the animals sleeping peacefully. It probably not last long. I am just enjoying it, for now.

My head is ramping up for a gale force blow. I went almost a week without a full on headbanger. I think that was my Christmas present. lol

Okay, time to hit the head then I am going to strap on the old feed bag. I wants me some dinner.

Thank you, Karen!

Karen at Sunshine's Heart bestowed upon me this award. Thank you so much, Karen. I am touched and honoured. <3 <3

I uploaded it to my award slideshow and it should be visible, soon. :D

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Night

And all is well.

Hello everyone. How's tricks? I hope that you al had a great day.

Mine went very well. Food is good, and I drank three quarts of water. I also glugged Crystal Light and coffee. So, I definitely got my fluids in. :D

Other than that... Not too much going on around here. I have just been doing my daily thing. And I found a new online time suck. Have you ever been here? It is fun. And kind of addictive. I have made a ton of snowflakes, today and will be going back to make more.

And... That's all I have, tonight.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

BYOC is Back!

Never mind that I am a day late and a dollar short. I am so behind with my bloggy friends, right now that it is sad. And I am going to work hard today to catch up with all of you. In between trips to the bathroom (water! *blurp*) and loads of laundry.

1.  It’s freaking Winter alright? Why then – may I ask – when driving home last night did I see not one, but two MEN – driving big “I’m a man with a small penis so I drive this HUGE truck with deer antlers on the front and playboy mud flaps and mufflers coming out of the box” trucks with their windows OPEN? Why do men do that? 

Ah! The eternal question! I think that men just have to be "macho", show the little women that he is the capable, big hunter, the bringer of the food, the supplier of the superior genetic material. It is hard wired in their DNA. I also think that men tend to run a little hot blooded. My husband routinely drives around in his work truck in the dead of Winter, snow all around, with his A/C on. 

Also, men are just weird and unexplainable. I stopped straining my brain over them a looong time ago. It isn't worth the pain. Oh! And thanks for the snotsicle visual. *gags and throws up brunch of eggs and mushrooms all over keyboard*

2.  Is Richard Simmons gay? Is he straight?  Has he ever come out? Does he have a lover?

I believe that Richard Simmons is gay. I can't say for certain; as far as I know, I have never heard or read a direct confirmation of his sexual orientation. I think that he has two very distinct lives. His public life and his private life and I don't think that he mixes the two very much. Perhaps he isn't "out" because of his fan base and fears that confirming his sexual orientation may alienate many of them? I don't really know. I am just shooting in the dark, here. I do hope that he has someone special in his life. I think that we should all have a loving wife/husband/significant other/partner... Whatever you want to call that person. For the record, it doesn't matter to me if he is gay or straight. He is a good hearted person. In my book, that is what matters. 

3.   What’s your favorite Cmas song?

 That is a tough one. I adore Christmas music. But, if pinned down to one, it would have to be "O Holy Night". Preferably as performed by Luciano Pavarotti. I also love "Ding Dong Merrily on High", "Carol of the Bells", "Silent Night", "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer"... I could go on and on. "I'll Be Home for Christmas" makes me cry. Because of my brother, who can't come home for Christmas. 

4.  What is your most favorite and your least favorite Cmas movie?

I am not a huge Christmas movie fiend. Weird, huh? Considering I like everything else about the holiday and season. Most Christmas themed movies annoy the snot out of me. "A Christmas Story"? Bah! Get it away from me. That family should have been nuked off the face of the planet. Same with that horrid Chevy Chase Christmas movie. *shudders* I loved "It's a Wonderful Life" the first thousand times I saw it. I am now thoroughly over it. I like "Scrooged" and I adore "The Shop Around the Corner". *Waits for three ghosts to show up.*

5.  To all my corporate buddies out there….I have an important question. My brother is interviewing for jobs in the corporate world. He has an impeccable resume and good, long, stable job history with many impressive accomplishments. However – no bites after he interviews. He’s convinced they are checking his credit record – which is not great. Now I’ve heard places do that…but really how common is it? I mean I work in a place where our work is completely for the government and classified and export-controlled and deals with citizenship and such and we do NOT check credit scores. How prevalent is this – especially when the jobs he’s applying for are not even in the financial industry?

Okay, this is a HUGE hot button issue of mine. Credit checks are for lenders to determine whether or not they are going to issue credit or lend you money. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Credit checks to determine whether a person is employable is discrimination of the nastiest, most insidious kind and it should not be tolerated. Ever. A person's credit score is not a reliable indicator of what kind of employee they will be. There are a lot of qualified, reliable, dependable, hard working, good honest people out there who will do a fabulous job with trashed out credit ratings. There are a lot of reasons someone's credit rating goes into the toilet. Often it is beyond that person's control. Life, the economy, a lying, sneaky spouse (hello! Ice Queen, table for one) got in the way and their credit suffered. That doesn't mean that they won't do a fabulous job. IMO, credit checks should be taken out of the equation when making hiring decisions.

Thank you Miz Draz for the great questions and discussion! :D

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

I am having a good day. My mind is in the game, my bod is soaked with water and good protein and I am feeling pretty damned good, again. I have to pee. BRB

Since I got myself back on track and started slurping incredible amounts of water, I feel so. Much. Better. I have banished much of the puff, I feel smaller, tighter, my clothes are a little looser. I am moving better, my joints feel more fluid, hell, my hips are not hurting as much and my knees feel a little better and are crackling less. Another fab side effect is that my irregularity (read constipation) seems to have corrected it's self, without chemical assistance. Imagine that.

Stupid, sneaky snacking is just stupid. Eating stuff I shouldn't just makes me puffy, sick to my stomach and unhappy. It binds me up, slows me down, makes my joints hurt and makes my spirit cry. It abuses me and punishes me. And I don't deserve any of that. I deserve to be nourished, nurtured and cared for. My body is my temple and deserves the best I can give it. I deserve the best I can give myself.

I am worthy.

And chilly! Some days, I have such a tough time warming up. Even tho it is freakishly warm for the time of year. Oh well. Shivering and working to warm ones self burns calories. Bring on the brrrr.


Time to go get the clothes out of the dryer, toss in the smalls and start the towel load. Later, gators. <3

Friday, December 10, 2010

Deep Breath In

Thank you so. Much for your comments. I read them over and over. I allowed your words, intentions and encouragement to teach and calm me. You all told me truths and gave me a lot to think about and digest. I don't know what I would do, where I would be, if not for you.

I had a much better day, today. Eating was good, right on track and I ended my day smack dab in the middle of my calorie target range; 1317 calories. I drank just over a gallon of water. Only one glass of Crystal Light. I love my Crystal Light but I think that I was just drinking too much of it. My bod needs water. That was proven, today. Putting that gallon down wasn't all that tough. It was as if my bod said, "Finally! Water! Just water! Woo hoo!" I am finishing my day with two clementines and a big mug of Celestial Seasonings Country Peach Tea. This tea is sooo yummy. If you like peach, I encourage you to try it. It tastes peachy and there is a natural sweetness, too. No sugar, sweetener or honey needed.

I am resolved to go back to what was working so well for me, earlier on. Not looking into the future, not dwelling ont he past. Just keeping my head down and looking at the ground directly in front of me. As Chris pointed out, the past is done. I can't change it. So, I need to just let go of it. The future isn't written. I can control where I go into that future. But, in my case, looking too far ahead freaks me out. So, I am going to KISS (Keep it Simple, Sweetheart) my way along. One step at a time. One day at a time.

Now to get my ass back in gear and out the door and up the road...

Okay, so I am one of those people. You know the people I am talking about. The ones who, when decorating for Christmas or any other occasion, like to hang shit from shit. I am particularly fond of hanging shit from my ceiling fan. As far as I am concerned, ceiling fans were invented to decorate that part of a room. And to be decorated. So, that is what I do. In my case, tinsel hanging from the blades, icicle ornaments hanging from the light and fan chains. Yes, indeedy.

That is what I call a ceiling fan. :D
And, because it makes me giggle, here it is in action:

I admit it. I am easily amused. :P

Okay, I am going to run along and read your blogs, now. Then I am going to get some more water *blurp* and go to bed.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Floating Away

I am having trouble forming thoughts to post, so please bear with me. This is going to be a bumpy ride. Today is a good day. I am on track and drinking. A lot. Not just Crystal Light. Water. I don't dislike waster. It doesn't make me gag. I don't dread it. I need to drink more of it, plain. And today I am. And I am spending all of my time running to the bathroom.

I have been giving my reluctance to stay on track a lot of thought. I think that I am reacting to fear. I am filled with fear. I am also asking myself if this is all going to be worth it, in the end. I am feeling impatient, mad that I don't look much different. And I am pissed at myself for allowing my fear and worries to pull me off my chosen path. I am afraid of failure. And I am scared shitless that I will succeed. I fret that I have lost so much weight and still look the same, that I am still so. Fucking. Obese. And I feel overwhelmed and I allow the sheer magnitude of  all of this to wash over me and I run to the pantry to shut my brain up.

Then I start the whole remorse, punishment, want to binge to make it all go away cycle. Happily, I don't have enough food around to binge on. But that doesn't meant I can't go off the rails a good bit. I decide enough is enough and I decide to do better. Then I do well for a day or two and fall all over myself, again. I fear that I am spiraling out of control, again. I am afraid that I will not be able to get back to my rhythm and I will go back to where I was. And I fear that, most of all. And the fear drives me to try to quiet it in the wrong ways. *sigh* And so it goes.

I am so sick of this bullshit. I am so over the cycle and the fear and the doubts. I want off this merry-go-round, now.


Today is better. I am drinking and calming down a little. And I am hopeful. I am not giving up. I refuse to allow it to happen.

Okay. Enough of this whining. Shutting up, now.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Been a Couple of Days...

I didn't drop off the face of the Earth. I have just been busy. I finally staggered in here late last night but my poor little brain was too fried to form a coherent thought, much less compose one of my usual sparkling, insightful entries. (You did hear the sarcasm, right? :P lol)

I finally finished the Christmas decorating. The tree went up and was decorated last night. I should say.. I put the tree up. Pookey (my son) brought it up from the storage room for me and I began the assemble and fluff process and Willy Dog (my husband) suddenly realised that he had to run out to pick something up. Convenient, huh? Willy Dog hates to fluff the tree. Hates it. And, since I am so damned fussy about the process and rag him mercilessly the whole time, I guess I really can't blame him...

He managed to stay gone just long enough for me to complete the assembly, fluffing and replacing a few burned out bulbs. I had started decorating when he got back. The decorating, which he said he wanted to help with all went to me, as well. (Which I really don't mind. I love to decorate my Christmas tree.) He decided to bow out. *sigh* Yet something else I got to do alone. Pookey jumped in and helped me put the finishing touches on, placed things where I couldn't reach and so forth. Thank heaven for him.

So it is done and now we can just enjoy it all until January 2nd. :D

Lets see, what else is going on? The usual, but ramped up, for some reason. I am not finding as much time to play. Must be the time of year. Things tend to get a little crazy, around this time. It will settle down. I am eating well, for the most part. I had a rough time of it, the other day. But I didn't let it pull me down and defeat me. I seem to be trying to work over something in my stupid head. I am not exactly sure what the hell it is... I don't grok this blockage, this speed bump. But I will get to the root of it and I will overcome it. Until I do kick it's ass, I am not going to allow it to derail me. I have the balls and knowledge. I just have to remain strong and determined and use them when I feel myself struggling.

Okay, I have to pee like a racehorse and I want my brekkie. I'll be back in a bit to read and catch up with everyone.

Later, gators. <3

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Busy day. I am tired. We got the Christmas decorations up. All except the tree, that should be going up, tomorrow. I got out ornaments and edited the number I am going to hang on my tree, this year. Last year, there were just too many. It was pretty, but getting all those ornaments on the tree, then taking them all down, wrapping them up and getting them packed away was one hell of a project.

I got housework done, except for laundry. I get to do that tomorrow. I also need to clip coupons, toss expired coupons already in my organizer and start my shopping list for next week. Oh! And I need to get to JoAnne for Christmas flowers and so forth.

Eating was good, calorie wise. I was busy and didn't even think about eating, most of the day. I had my customary two cups of coffee, this morning and next thing I knew it was after one and I was starving and dehydrated. If I am going to go a while without eating, I at least need to remember to drink. I made up for my earlier lack of chow and am ending my day just over 1300 calories. Respectable. :)

Draz, I haven't forgotten about your request over on my nail blog. I just don't have time, right at the moment. But I should be able to get to it, soon. :)

One good thing about decorating? I finally rearranged my bookcase. I have been meaning to get to it and have been putting it off. It looks pretty good, now.

Today was freakishly warm. High sixties. It is supposed to be near seventy for the next couple of days. We have windows open and ran the ceiling fan a good deal of the day. What the fuck is going on??? It is December. It is supposed to be cold. Weird, weird weather. I don't get it.

My Advil PM is kicking in so I am going to grab my book and hit the sack. I'll catch you all, tomorrow.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Busy Day

Hello all you fine folk. How was your Saturday? Mine was busy. I was up early, got ready, went out and ran some errands, came home and got to decorating my house. I still have more shopping to do... I need Christmas flowers, some holly and ivy and ornament hookers. (Yes, I know that they are hooks, we always called them hookers when we were kids... Why, I have no idea. lol)

I still have a lot to do. I should be rearranging my bookcase, rather than sitting here playing on my 'puter but I just need some down time. I like being busy but sometimes I just want to veg a little. :)

Food wise, this has been a really good day. I had a latte for brekkie, had three Fresco tacos from Taco Bell for lunch and dinner was salad, chicken and a big, sweet clementine. I had a sugar free dark chocolate pudding for dessert.

Have you tried the Fresco style tacos from Taco Bell? I tried them for the first time, today and they are scrummy. I had a steak and two chicken. The steak is 160 calories, the chicken were 170 each. A total of 500 calories. A little much, but since I only had a fat free, sugar free latter in the morning, I could afford the calories and I was dying, dying, I tell you for some Taco Bell. I got to satisfy my craving, stayed alive and didn't blow my day.

We were driving up to Target and there was a guy in a SUV beside us chowing down on an In-N-Out burger. I wanted to jump through his window and rip it out of his hands,  yell, "Mine!" and run away with it. Yes, I am one sick woman. And I should be heavily medicated and locked away. lol

I was putting my earrings in this morning and found that the hole in my bottom piercing (I have three in eash ear) had closed in the back. So, I did what I usually do, I just poked my earring on through. It went through with one hell of a pop and when I took that earring out to change it for another (pearls can't be worn in the shoer and so forth) that hole bled. So, now I have to keep earrings in and let it heal. It was really weird that that hole would be closed in back. I have had this piercing since I was eleven and it hasn't tried to close over in decades. I just hope it heals fast. It kinda hurts. Better not get infected...

Boy, this entry was a waste of typing. lol I think I will go wash my face and slap on a bunch of moisturiser.

Later, gators. :D

Friday, December 3, 2010

A New 'Do, A warm Day and an Almost Exploding Can

Hello everyone. How's life treating all of you, today? All is well, here. I am calm, serene, even and nicely on track. That is a good thing. :)

I decided, after a great deal of thought to do a little more work on my hair, today. I cut a few very subtle layers a while back. I was happy with the result. But After living with it for a time and thinking carefully about what I want and watching so much of my hair just fall, fall, fall I decided to add a little more layering in the back, then more layers in the front and some soft, long, wispy fringe. I have so much thinning at my hairline that the layers and fringe help to disguise it and the long layers overall give the appearance of volume at my ends and also give my hair lovely swing and movement. I may trim my fringe just a tad shorter... I'll live with it for a bit and see if I want it up out of my eyes, or not. I half like/dislike it this long. We'll see. I am in no hurry to make a decision.

I am not a layer girl. I prefer my hair all one length but the layers really do help disguise the thinning a little so I will probably keep it layered for a while. At least until the hair fall slows down and my new hair grows in. I also got rid of more of the peroxided ends that are, quite frankly, bugging me. They remind me of my greatest hair disaster, ever. And I would like that constant reminder, every time I look in my mirror to be gone.

We have the weirdest freaking weather, right now. It is in the mid sixties, today. Overcast but not cloudy. The other day, I was running the furnace to keep from freezing into a solid block of ice and today a couple of windows are wide open. Weirdness, I tell you. Days this warm aren't typical for this time of year.

So, I ran out of my antiperspirant and was sharing my husband's. Well, this morning, he managed to break the tube that goes down into the can. How he managed that trick, I know not... Anyway, after I got out of the shower, I had to try to use the busted sprayer because I can't go without my pit goo. If I try it, it is Stinky City, around here. And that, my friends, is something no one needs or wants to be anywhere near. lol So, I, creative, resourceful thinker I am, decided to just shove the busted tube into the hole, press the button and see what happened. The test was a success! Woo-hoo! I sprayed the first pit and feeling very big headed and all that, I went for the second pit. Got it sprayed, then it happened.

The mechanism in the can that makes the stuff come up jammed open and all of a sudden I had a handful of frost and antiperspirant. And it was spraying all over the place, all down my side and all over my wall. Brrr! and yuk! I had my terry robe lying on my bed and I wrapped the can in it and set the hissing bundle out on my washer until the can released the rest of it's pressure. I then tossed the can and got my robe into the wash. I hope all the antiperspirant washes out. To be safe, I am going to run it through a second cycle, with the rest of the whites.

So, a new hairdo and a little excitement.

I need to grab a little lunch then I am going to see if hubby would like to wake the fuck up (how he can nap the way he does is beyond me... I never nap unless I am dead dog sick or have a migraine from hell) and help me get the outside lights up. I need to get a move on. December is flying by.

Okay, later, gators. :D

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Current Weight

I remembered to get on the scale. 314.2. Down another 2.2. I can live with it. I seem to be sliding back into my rhythm and getting my head back in the game. I would like to see how close I can get to 300 by the 31st. I don't know if I will make it there, but I should get pretty close. :D

314... I haven't weighed this since 1999. I spent the last eleven years of my life hauling over three hundred pounds around. At least a couple of times I got to 400 or more. How fucking terrifying is that? No wonder my hips are trashed and my knees snap, crackle and pop when I even think of walking. Damn. I am so over this shit.

It feels good to be doing my thing right, again. It feels right.

Okay, so I have housework to do but I keep watching TV, instead. I need to make my bed and get the laundry out of my dryer and get a load in my washer. And here I sit. Watching TV, playing on my 'puter and getting on my scale. He-he. You know I am procrastinating and not in the mood to do something if I will get on my scale before I will do what I should be doing. :P

I just finished watching How To Train Your Dragon. What a cute movie. I have a thing for dragons. Always have. Maybe in addition to my inner lizard, I have a dragon. And she is becoming stronger than my lizard. Taking over and gaining power. That is kind of a cool thought... :D

Okay... I really need to get my stuff done. I don't want to but I need to. I am a grownup. I have to be responsible and do what I am supposed to to. Bleargh! Don't wanna. But I will. I will catch you all, later. :D

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December :D

Good morning, all. I hope that you awoke to this new month full of purpose and with a smile.

I am full of purpose. But not smiling. I slept like shit. Had to get up and pee at least three times (stupid sodium bloat bidding me bye-bye) my cat hacked up under my bed (gross!) and my dog barfed all over my laundry room floor (super gross!). I had my son get the dog barf, this morning. I couldn't bear the thought of it. Bleargh!

I need a vacation. Somewhere warm and isolated. A beach... A white sugar sand beach... The ocean softly gliding up and tickling my toes... A big, huge umbrella... A lounger piled with cushions... A little side table... A good book and a cabana boy to bring me tall, frosty, fruity, exotic drinks and caramels and cater to my every whim and give me pedicures. No... Make that an entire flock of cabana boys to bring me tall, frosty, fruity, exotic drinks and caramels and cater to my every whim and give me pedicures. (Do cabana boys run in flocks???) No husband, no son, no dog, no cat, no housework, no frakking cooking, no puke. The jet leaves at five. Anyone who wants to come with, be packed and at the private airport at four. :D (In my fantasies, I always fly private! ;))


I love that Tassimo Brew Bot commercial. That adorable little bot makes me want one of those coffee makers.

Woah! I just realised that Hanukkah begins tonight. For everyone who celebrates,

*** Happy Hanukkah! ***

 For the record, I celebrate Christmas. All month long. (Duh! :D) And I say Merry Christmas. If you celebrate another holiday, just tell me so and I will cheerfully wish you a Happy *insert your choice of holiday, here*. I am easy. I love holidays and I love to celebrate and I am perfectly happy to jump all over all kinds of holidays. :D

Okay. Time for another cup of wake up juice. And some brekkie. And maybe a search for some cutsie animated Christmas images to add to my blog. 'Cause I don't have it decorated enough, yet. :P