Tuesday, October 5, 2010

About Goal Weights and Why I Don't Talk Much About Mine

Simply put, it is overwhelming in the extreme. My ultimate dream goal is about 140 pounds. I think that for me, a woman who is 5'7" tall and has a fairly sturdy bone structure that is a good number to shoot for. This is a dream goal. I might end up not going that far. I just don't know, at this time.

If I start with my weight when I started this blog, 400 and subtract 140, you get 260. That is a huge number. And if I allow myself to dwell on it, I could easily say, "Fuck that noise! I could never, in a thousand lifetimes get there!" and just give up. So, I don't. Dwell on it. I don't think about it, at all, right now. I keep things at manageable levels. I think in fifty pound increments. Right now, all of my attention is focused on getting to and below 300 pounds. I'll deal with the next fifty when I get to that point. And not think about the overall task ahead of me.

Does it make me a chicken, playing these little head games with myself? Does it somehow show a lack of character, fortitude when I refuse to think about my goals in the whole and break it into very small pieces and focus on one small piece at a time?

Or is it like eating off a salad plate? A helpful little fool the eye trick to help your eyes "trick" your brain and your stomach into thinking that they got more than they really did?

For those of you who are losing or have lost a very large amount of weight, did you break it down? Did you trick your mind? Or, did you say, "I have umpty-ump number of pounds to lose and I am going to look at it this way and just power through. I am Woman/Man hear me roar!" And how do/did you feel about your choice?

It is another cloudy, stormy day. Storm after storm rolled through and thunder boomed and lightening crackled all night long. A lot of rain fell, as well. As I was getting up this morning, another big storm began and it banged and crashed and rained for a couple of hours. Then it cleared out for much of the day but the clouds are rolling back on in. Methinks we are in for another big blow. I like the storms and we need the rain, desperately so bring it on! :D

My head is really bad. I feel as if the right side is about to swell up, collapse and blow out like Mt. Saint Helens. It got so bad yesterday I broke down and took an Aleve to take a little of the edge off and I am paying for the small amount of temporary relief I got with a nasty rebound, today. Oh well. As long as the stabbing doesn't start...

I am going to bake chicken in the oven, make rice in chicken broth and toss a salad for dinner, tonight. Om, nom, nom, nom.


  1. i started at about 130kg and am down to 70kg. to be honest, i knew i was that overweight that it seemed like an impossible dream, even as i was losing and knew i was going to continue for as long as it took, i never considered a final weight really. I'v been overweight my whole life so even though my rational mind must have known that weight loss could change it, my perception was that even if i lost it all, i'd still be fat - it was the only "me" i knew. sad, but im still adjusting to the changes. i still have a bit to lose but im slowly coming to terms with the changes in myself and the way people treat me. i think you just go about it whatever way suits you - if there's one thing iv learn its that weight loss really is different person to person - if it helps you setting mini goals then continue doing that - you have obviously been doing that with great success so continue - block out what others might be doing if your on a good thing stick with it :)

  2. Shortly after I began my blog, I decided to break my goal down into shorter increments and treat myself with little rewards along the way. Now that I've achieved a few of those, they are no longer that important to me so I've kind of let them go for now. As long as the numbers on the scale continue to show a downward trend, I'm good. When I hit a milestone, I'll celebrate and be happy sharing the news with all of ya and that's enough for me.

  3. My journey is very different to yours - I am 5'7 also, but I have a lot less to lose to get to the 140lb mark. The best advice is definitely to make some mini-goals, that you can reward yourself for reaching in non-food ways. I know people who have bought charm bracelets for themselves, and every 10lbs lost they would buy another charm. There are simpler, cheaper alternatives, too, like go to the beach or have a healthy picnic, or more expensive alternatives (ie, when I hit 200lbs I'm gonna buy a yacht!). Either way, it helps to have something entirely unrelated to keep you on track.

    (If you do decide to by a yacht, by the way, we all expect invites for a day out!)

  4. Erika, I can't honestly answer the question, simply because I didn't/don't have a lot to lose. But I want to tell you that I think you're on the right track to break it down. For me, I have to set the mini-goals and dance the Happy Dance pretty often...it's getting to the mini-goals and then raising the bar that does it for me.

    I have been following you long enough to know that you have the key. What you're doing is working. You have your plan and are working at your pace. I have told you before that you inspire me, and you continue to. It is indeed different for everyone.

    Onward and Downward!

  5. I have started with a goal of 180, I may change it as I lose more. I started at 255 and am currently at 216.

  6. I don't have that kind of number to face, but I can say that baby steps is NEVER a bad choice.

  7. I agree with baby-steps all of the way. If I looked at everything I wanted to achieve, in general, in a large chunk format, I'd probably say to hell with it and give up.

    I'm currently going for 'Hey, I'm gonna lose 50lbs!' even though I have more than that to go.

  8. Thank you, everyone for your input. :D

    I also agree that we all have to do this in our own way. Mine seems to be effective for me, at this stage. I reserve the right to modify or change it at any time, tho. :D

    If I do get a yacht, you are all definitely invited to come cruise!

    Where the hell is that lottery ticket?

  9. I had 70 to lose - still 10 to go. I guess I always thought about the end and pictured myself at goal and what it would feel like but on a daily basis it was just - get through the minute, the hour, the morning, the afternoon, the day. One moment at a time. You do what you have to do for YOUR journey. Who are we to judge?

  10. When I started I knew I had over 100 pounds to lose and nope. I sure as heck didn't think about it that way. I also never said I will lose such and thus a weight by such and thus a date.
    For me it was one pound at a time. Any more than that and I would have felt lost and overwhelmed. Screw what other people think Do what works for you.

  11. I say use whatever method is going to benefit you the most. :)

    For myself, I have a number in mind I would like to see eventually... no set time line for getting there. Beyond that I have mini goals & I reward myself generously for reaching those.

  12. I am so glad that I found your blog. I am now a follower.


  13. If you end up ever taking your show on the road, I want to audition for the national tour of "Fuck that Noise" the musical.

  14. Chicken? You? I think not, Your Majesty!

    I think that with just about any project, making realistic short-term goals is helpful. Being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of what needs to be accomplished overall is a sure way to keep a person stuck, in my opinion.

    Whether it comes to housework, weight loss, learning a new language, or whatever, I truly believe that looking at the next goal is the way to go.

    What I do know for sure is that what you're doing is working, so who can argue with that?

    I love the way you think. And I love your way with words.

  15. I'm in a similar boat - My starting weight is 370 and I want to get to around 190 or 200 lbs. STAGGERING, right? Well, I think it's important that you're thinking about it in 50 lb increments and that's something that I need to look at doing for myself. I'm a rather "head in the sand" type person and well... that's how I got here!

    Thanks for being an inspiration. <3

  16. Chicken my ass. Briliant is what it is! Totally agree with the smaller amounts as goals...most definitely. If we all looked at the BIG picture, we'd probably all want to give up. I actually said out loud to Dwayne the other day that I've lost 94 lbs since my highest point ever, and still want to lose 75 more. When I got to adding those numbers I was like HOLY SHIT!! lol No, let's not look at the big picture...50 lbs at a time is more than enough to handle...and I have to do one day at a time just to be able to handle that much. I think your plan is excellent. :)

  17. I started at 185 lbs and ideally would probably like to get to 135-140 lbs (I am 5'3" but very muscular, so I don't think any lower would look healthy on me). I am currently at 152. The entire way I focused on 1 lb a week, and would reward myself at each 10-lb milestone. For an amount under 100 lbs I think 10-lb milestones are good. For weight loss over 100 lbs, I think 25-50 lb increments are probably enough to keep you going. I think you are doing everything right, and everything you possibly can to get where you're going. I also like to look at it like this: ANY pound lost, regardless of goals achieved, is probably for the best. Also, with every 5lbs or so you'll probably notice changes and that moving will become easier and easier, which will encourage you more and more to exercise. I look forward to hearing you rave about havign done something you really couldn't do before, and feeling amazing!

  18. Me and my OCD have a spreadsheet. Every weight I enter it automatically tells me how many pounds until I'm not obese, until I'm not overweight, until I'm at where I was in high school, until my ultimate dream weight. Not even just that but the percentage of the way to each of those. It also tells me how much I've lost so far. I love numbers, can't concentrate on more than one. My "goal" weight of 150 is really based on the weight I'd have to be to not be overweight anymore. Now I have no idea what 150 pounds looks like on me, so once I get there or near there I think I'll just find myself re-assessing the situation. So it's not a cop-out. It's just you taking the next step and getting there in a fabulous way!!


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