Monday, October 25, 2010


Pomegranates are in season, right now and sort of on sale at my local supermarket, so I grabbed a couple when we were shopping, the other day. Last night, I opened one up and got all the seeds out. I gave a few to Husband and he tasted, thought about it, tasted a few more and decided that he loves them. Son, of course loves them, too. Those two ate so many of the seeds, I only got a few. lol

Pomegranate seeds are splendid. A lot of work but worth it. I seeded the other one, tonight and put some of the seeds in my salad at dinner and had the rest of my share (I made sure to get mine, first, tonight lol) in a cup of Fage with a packet of Splenda for dessert. I smashed some of the seeds in the yoghurt and stirred in the juice and the rest of the seeds and... Oh. My. Gosh! Sooo good.

Did you know that the seeds from a whole pomegranate is only 104 calories? :D

All of my beautiful clouds have cleared out and there will only be sunny skies, for the foreseeable future. The temperature is dropping and a freeze warning is in effect. I don't know if it will freeze here in Prescott but it will a little higgher up.

I was nicely on track, today. I thought about joining in in Allen's Double Dog Dare You challenge... I like a good dare... But I got wind of it, too late. Maybe I'll join in if he runs another one.

Okay, I am stupid and boring, today and have absolutely nothing else to talk about.



  1. I LOVE POMEGRANATES too!!! They're so wonderful, are they not? I'll have to try some of the things you're suggesting here...what kind of yogurt? I need a sugar free kind, if you know of a good one..

  2. I have not tried a pom. They look interesting.
    I will get more adventurous
    Then again I eat the same two breakfasts over and over adventure food wise is looking a little dim.

  3. you CAINT be "stupid and boring" if you are nicely on track :)

    Im just sayin'...


  4. Poms are wonderful!

    JOIN Allan's DDDY Challenge. What is one day? Jump in nad give it a go!!

    Enjoy the day!

  5. pomegranates are amazing. I also love a shot of pomegranate juice in the morning, so tart! It's great that you're really starting to appreciate natural foods as snacks that are delicious. These are the minuscule things that add up and mean you have successfully changed your habits, tastes, diet. Keep it up!!!

  6. Love me some pomegranates....and I'm sure Allan would still let you join only missed one day, and I'm guessing you ate within your calories yesterday technically, you're right on track. :)

  7. Pomegranates are the ultimate low cal snack, mainly because they take so long to eat! I can be picking at one for a good half hour, and because it takes so long, my hunger is fully sated at the end :)

  8. New follower! I've never tried a pomegranate in my life, but just got the latest Cooking Light magazine in, and it had an article about them with a few recipes. I'll definitely be trying them soon!

    I also left something for you at my blog! :)


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