Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Hallowe'en!


Just say no to candy

It is a chilly morning and I finally dragged my arse out of the sack, made coffee and fired up my fireplace. I lay in that bed, shivering for far too long. I could have been up and warm long before this. I also don't need to shiver, if I would haul out my quilt, run it through the wash and put it on my bed. Duh! 

No plans for today. Just to stay on track. I imagine it will be a quiet day. Son has to work and Husband is in lie on the sofa and veg mode, this weekend. We have stuff stashed on the DVR that we need to watch and clear from the memory. Woooopie!!!!!! Too much excitement for this girl. *sarcasm*

Okay, I need another cup of coffee. Then I want to cruise my blogroll and see what you are all up to, this fine morning. 



  1. Have a fun lazy Sunday.

    I have about 100 lbs of laundry to do. Lets see if I can tear myself away from football and get 'er done.

  2. I don't mind laundry, too much. If you have a DVR, you can do laundry and not miss a play. :D


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