Monday, October 25, 2010

A Quiet Weekend

I didn't write a peep. I think I needed less computer time, more IRL time, if you know what I mean? :D I did pop in a couple of times to check up on you all, my gentle readers. I wanted to be assured that everyone was fine.

My weekend was busy I had a lot of running around to do, I needed to pop into the urgent care to get this eyelid and my ear checked out. Turns out my eyelid is just a little unspecified dermatitis/eczema and my ear isn't infected. I have a blocked eustation tube. I got some cortico steroids to help with the symptoms on my lid and I am waiting for the go ahead from my insurance company for drainage massage therapy to alleviate my symptoms. I have suffered with them for so many years that relief would be a blessing. I should know sometime this week.

We did a pile of grocery shopping ans went out just cruising around. Watched movies at night and I snacked on a few too many dry Cheerios while watching Apollo 13 the other night. (I didn't blow my daily calorie allowance by much, tho.) All in all it was a pretty okay weekend.

Now it is time for another routine week to begin. Sometimes I find comfort in routine, sometimes it chafes me horribly. But I guess one of my life lessons is acceptance. And I have to practice it nearly daily. *sigh*

It is a beautiful day, today. Chilly, cloudy and windy. I am hoping for some rain, later to just round it out, perfectly.

Okay, I had no insights, wisdom or otherwise deep thought, really. I just wanted to check in and I am going to go and read your blogs, now.

Later, gators. :D


  1. Glad you checked in. I wish the weather here would get cooler. We are still having 86 degree weather..

  2. I missed you not writing a peep....

  3. Sometimes we do need to step away. I'm glad you got some time to do that.


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