Sunday, October 10, 2010

I am Now Wearing a Gas Mask


Not really.

Not yet.

But I will need one, soon if this keeps up.

Have you any idea what it is like to be trapped in a house with two men and a cat who all think that farting is high, good theatre?

It was a lovely day, today. Warm, but not hot. Tiny breeze. Sunny. We went out, did a little shopping and drove around and chatted. Stopped at Sonic for half price drinks. A diet cherry limeaid tastes even better when I get it for fifty percent off. :D

Food is good, on track. I didn't eat much until tonight, so I had plenty of calories in reserve for some of MIL's yummy, tender, done to a perfect turn roast. I had a little gravy and a baked potato with it. (I passed on the buttery, milky mashed potatoes.) And two biscuits. I know... But it was good and I was hongry. And I am still well within my target calorie range for the day. And I got some exercise, tramping around the stores. :D While we were in the mall, I popped into Dillard's and petted the Dooneys and drooled all over the Kors bag I saw online and waaaant.You'd think since I slobbered all over it, they would have been disgusted and given it to me... But, noooo.

Oh well.

It seems that Husband has another kidney stone. He has pain in his back in that spot, again and thinks he can feel it moving. Poor thing, He is going to call his doctor and get some help with this thing. I feel really bad for him. He was miserable with the last one. I hope that this one isn't as bad.

Okay, I need to go wash my face. It wants out of this makeup, now.

And if I lock myself in the bathroom, maybe I can get some clean air into my lungs.

Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?


  1. I totally understand! One of my boys is dressing as a whoopie cushion for Halloween. I live with 1 husband, 2 boys, and 2 male cats!

  2. I live with my husband, two teen-age boys, a dog and 4 cats. Farting is an nightly competition between the 3 of them! Men...can't breathe with them, can't pay the bills without them LOL.

    I've been meaning to ask do you count calories for things that someone else prepares when you don't know what's in the ingredients, like when you went to you MIL's house? I get so frustrated counting because honestly sometimes I have no idea what to use for a calorie count on some things. You are so conscientious of counting your calories. And it's motivational for me to read your blog and see how well your doing. One of these days I want to walk with you....I think you are just so awesome!!

  3. I can so related with the dangers of the farting man. The other night I was almost the recipient of a dutch oven. Thank goodness he warned me to make sure the covers were not over my head. I don't want a dutch oven...ever!

  4. Hubs, 2 Sons and a couple of dogs.. I feel your pain, Lady - I FEEL your pain!

  5. I had a bout with kidney stones this past week painful.

  6. My husband and dog are pretty good at farting too. I hope the kidney stone passes very soon! Sounds agonizing.


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