Friday, October 15, 2010

Three Words:

Fuck the Lake!


Husband and I decided to walk in the mornings, since getting out in the evenings is a logistical nightmare. And, figuring that the nasty clouds of bugs wouldn't be present in the A.M., we hit the trails. It was lovely and cool, and the air was clear of tiny, annoying winged creatures. Until the frakking sun came up. Then the bugs did, too.

Clouds of swirling, flying, nasty, horrible, fucking bugs. The walk to the end of Normal Trail was lovely.

The walk back to the car was a nightmare. A mile has never felt so long, in my entire life. I walked as fast as I could, arms flapping wildly in front of my face. I actually considered trying to run, just to get back to the car a little faster.

Ugh! Misery! The lake is out of the question until a good freeze settles the flying hoards.

It's a hell of a thing, having to choose to inhale bugs or car exhaust. I'll take the exhaust. It is more toxic than bugs, but far less unpleasant to walk through. 

I like walking in the morning. I don't have to sit around all day, stewing about it, It is done. And so is my housework and I am on to laundry. I have had my first cup of Joe and am ready for number two and my brekkie.

And I need to get another load in the washer.

I want to thank all of you for your kind comments, words, commiseration and hints. *huge cyber hugs to all of you!!!!* This is why we need this community. When we hit a low, we have so many lovely people to flock to us, lift us up and help us through a dark patch. I for one, couldn't be doing this without all of you.

I had my freakout, yesterday, ate badly, pouted and sulked and basically acted like a brat. I am fine, today. Back on track, back to walking and renewed in mind and body. And ready to go forward. I know... I have been saying that a lot, lately. Guess it has been a bit of a rough patch. *rolling my eyes* A part of me is beyond jazzed that I have lost 75 pounds, so far. The other part is like, in a huge sulk because I still have so far to go. And I suppose one side was warring with the other, messing up my head and I was letting it happen, for my own, silly, yet unsussedout reasons.

Whatever. I am over that shit, now. :D And ready for the next 25 to get me under that big 300. That is my immediate goal, at present. Under 300.

Okay, I need to go put the first load in the dryer, get the next load in and make some eggs. I am in need of protein, this morning.

I'll talk to all of you loverly people and read your updates in a while.

Later, gators! :D


  1. Good Job! It's really frustrating to know that you have so far to go. I know what you mean. The most important thing is to get back on your plan.... doesn't matter if you fall 5000 times. What matters is that you are getting back up and moving forward one step (or down one pound)at a time.

  2. Hey potty mouth. You are doing great. It is a long haul, and we have a lot to do. So what, let's do it anyway..

  3. Bug suck!! By the way I went to orientation at my new job and the workout room ROCKS! I am going to walk at home before work and try to use the gym when I get an hour lunch. Excited!! :)

  4. I'm happy to hear that you've got your mind back on track, because you really are doing so well. Looking at the next goal (300) is really the only way to go. Imagine if you had looked at your current weight as your next goal when you first started out. Manageable goals really do seem to work.

    And arrrggghhh about the bugs. It's halfway through October, for heaven's sake!

  5. Those bugs would drive me fucking insane. I admire your tenacity to walk despite them today, but completely agree that car exhaust is the lesser of two evils.

    You've lost a huge amount of weight!! Yes, there's a way to go in the long term, but your current goal of under 300 is very impressive in its own right. Damn, I'm proud of you. That's so much're awesome. When you're at 300, or 298, it'll be a crowning achievement. I can hardly wait!

    I'm hopeful that walking will get you off the plateau. They're so depressing, and you start to lose motivation. That's the last thing you need. I'm sure you'll make it; the question is how soon. Here's to right away.

  6. You might try a little bug spray on your clothes and hair before you go out. It helps.

    Good job recovering from your "bratty" day and not allowing it to derail you. Nice to have goals, too, to keep us focused. Michele


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