Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tornadoes in Arizona!

Who'da thunk it? I am glad that they all hit farther to the North but I am not happy that peoples' homes were destroyed. The storms are clearing and the forecast calls for sunny skies and slightly warmer temperatures, from now on.

I am a little heavy on calories, today. I think the weather was messing with my appetite. I landed at 1780 (I originally typed that number as 11780. Ack!!! lol) for the day. A couple of hundred over where I like to end up but certainly not a disaster. I am hoping that puff isn't going to be a factor tomorrow. I need to get on my scale. It's been two weeks and it is lonely without me.


I got all of my laundry done. I don't mind doing laundry all that much. I have a system that works very nicely and makes pretty short work of it. Not counting the time that the machines have to run. I wish that we wore a lof of clothes that require ironing. I love to iron. Yes, I know... I am certifiably weird. lol My least favourite task is washing dishes. I will scrub my toilet and tub/shower a hundred times before I will willingly wash a sink full of dishes by hand. Thank the heavens for my dishwasher.

Head is still raging. I am praying that it will either calm down or I will stroke out. At this point, either option is looking mighty attractive. Migraines suck. Big green donkey dicks.

I feel like yammering but for the life of me, I can't figure out a damned thing to say. lol So I guess I'll take off, for now.


  1. the weather is weird. It hasn't rained here in a month or so...tornadoes in New York, now arizona. weirdness.
    I hit a little higher in calories that I liked as well.
    Oh well, what can you do?
    onward and downward.

  2. I saw that tornadoes hit there. I hope all is well. I love that pic of the wicked witch under the house. One of my favorite movies.


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