Monday, October 11, 2010

Just a Quickie

I can't just leave you all hanging, now can I?

Yeah, I know... Boo! Hiss! *ducking tomatoes*

Another pretty, pretty day. 80 degrees or so. Light breeze. Sunshine a plenty. Windows wide open and just enjoying the unseasonably gorgeous temps. Last year, I hung up Hallowe'en lights at this time and it was very, very chilly. I am going to hang up the lights, tomorrow and it will be sunny, warm and lovely.

So... Food is good, today. I am sitting at 1183. A little choccie pudding... An apple pear... Plenty of calories to indulge in a goodie, later.

Damn dog needs to go out. BRB.

Okay, Sabryna has been out, I folded my towels and put them away, too. Four loads of laundry, today. I did a lot of cleaning, too. You know, scrubbing the bathroom, sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming, dusting. I am a tired old broad.

Oh! Kaboom in the purple trigger bottle? It is of goodness. Spray it on, leave it for about three minutes, wipe with a wet sponge and rinse well. Fabulously clean shower walls and tub with little real effort. One caution if you have never used the stuff, it is fume-y. I am talking make you cough up a lung fume-y. Run your vent fan, open windows. You will get used to it, but the first few minutes will be rough. I need to remember to pick up a pair of Playtex gloves, tho. My poor hands are as dry as dead Autumn leaves. Ouch!

I picked up a tube of that new Loreal mascara, the Voluminous Millionlashes stuff. It comes in a very snazzy gold case (I am such a packaging ho... Seriously, put something in a pretty tube or jar and I will have to have it) and promises extreme volume without any clumps. We shall see. I will do a review when I try it. :D

Okay, I am off to get into the shower. Now that I have clean towels, I can clean myself. Shouldn't have let the laundry go so long, I guess... :P


  1. I have to stay out of Target because of all of the pretty packaging. I swear that store can make me buy anything I don't even want just because of all of the pretty involved.

    And WTG on the food front. That is a very good calorie range to be in.

  2. I simply reconcile myself to the fact that money is going to FLY OUTTA MY HANDS when I enter the domain of Target.
    its sad :) as the 4 year old already knows that as well.

    I need to get me some KABOOM!


  3. That Kaboom stuff is amazing! lol

    Thanks for the comment on my pic!


  4. I love Kaboom and it works great. I also love a pretty package. Have a great day and thanks for visting my blog.

  5. ERIKA! You won my giveaway of the biggest loser food scale!!! Check out my post here

    Please contact me via email so I can get all your shipping information!


  6. Good stuff with the calories, and my goodness it sounds as though you worked your butt off today!

    I'm looking forward to hearing about the mascara. I've been a Maybelline Great Lash girl for years, but I'm needing something different. My lashes aren't what they used to be. I may need to go for a lengthening mascara (do you have any tips there?), but I do want to hear about the volumizer.


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